American’s New 777-200 Cabin Interior Layout Revealed!

I’m really looking forward to American reconfiguring their international fleet with new business class. I love the new product on their Boeing 777-300ER and they’re finally getting started on the 767s and the 777-200s.

Here’s what we’ve seen with the 777-200 seat.

From what I’ve heard about the new 777-200 seat, it’s even better than the 777-300ER seat. It has more space. There are both forward and rear-facing seats, and from what I’ve been told the rear seats are better with substantially increased work space.

Apparently one aircraft is being reconfigured now, or has just completed, but no one in the media or general public has experienced the product yet. Still, there’s enough public information to figure out how the product is going to work.

The seat maps available through American are quite limited. Here’s what you can pull up at

Fortunately IceTrojan has mocked up a seat map of the aircraft, inferring how the cabin will appear based on available information.

This gives a clear indication of which business seats are forward-facing and which ones are rear facing (the extra workspace seems desirable enough to mean that rear-facing seats should be better all other things equal) as well as to determine where lavatories and galleys are for those concerned with foot traffic and noise.

Divider not-withstanding, though, the rear-facing seats could be a bit less provide though also better for couples traveling together.

Unfortunately it looks like this may be the layout only for the initial reconfigurations of the 777-200 since they’ll be switching to fewer business class seats and – apparently – 10 across in ‘main cabin extra’ economy seating instead of just 9.

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  1. 10 across in mce is not so “extra”… I will start buying away from AA if that’s where they’re going.

  2. Adrian,

    I believe the author made an error – it will be 9 across in MCE (3-3-3) and 10 across in regular coach (3-4-3).

  3. I’ve read this thought in a few places that the rear facing seats will have more room…however – I’m having trouble reconciling that. I can imagine there is more room for the rear facing seat on the window side – but it doesn’t seem logical to me this is true for the read facing middle seats. What am I not considering?

  4. @Mike – have a look at the rear facing photo I’ve posted. Look at the table/shelf space between the two seats, and then factor that the table will run across the seat and up against that space. So looks to me that it becomes an extension of he work space that’s not available on the forwrad-facing seats.

  5. @dania – complaining about reducing the number of business class seats and adding an extra seat across in main cabin extra?

  6. I hope they replace the lax-nrt with this plane, the current configuration is pathetic

  7. I can’t get excited about anything up front because this is a plane I use on my main travel (Lax-mia) and even though I get upgraded a lot, I need to know I have a decent seat n back. Looks like no decent seats in back once MCE goes 10 across.

    We will be wishing for more 757s on that route before long.

  8. Maybe the dividers between the forward and rear facing seats are higher than it looks to me, but in appears as if a moderately tall person’s eyes would be above the divider and your head would be only a few inches away from the next guy in the upright position. Might be kinda awkward until you recline the seat a little

  9. The seat map here is for the reconfigurations done this year only, starting next year reconfigured planes will be 3-4-3 in MCE and only 37 seats in business class.

  10. @gary,
    Yep, I saw that, but a few people seemed to have missed that, so I figured I might as well add it to the comment stream as well.

  11. Hey! I am traveling with my wife to Italy and I need know whic seats front facing/rear facing will the privating divider go down? I was on this plane to Japan and my and buddys seat (rear facing) dividor between us was locked and they stated they couldn’t unlock. I looked at others and some were down. How do I choose correctly? From Americans photo online on there webiste it looks like front facing dividor is down and rear is up. can you help?

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