Amex Lounge Crackdown: Strict Conduct Rules Announced In Atlanta [Roundup]

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  1. I’m waiting for a recording reminding lounge users, saying, “No shirt, no shoes, no service except for our valued Centurion cardholders.” Stay classy, Atlanta Centurion Lounge members.

  2. Need to add “please use headphones if you or your kids are watching videos”

  3. Hey … what does one expect in the Atlanta land of waffle houses ? Manners ?

  4. How does a Grand Hyatt succeed in Cancun? Cancun seems to be entirely all-inclusives or timeshares now? It’s such a price sensitive market.

  5. I’ve heard that announcement in ATL- Much needed. Sad, though, that common sense is so fleeting.

  6. Centurion lounge.. What a joke they’ve become. I’m getting rid of AMEX this year, not worth the annual fee anymore. I’ll take the money I save and sit in an airport bar, and have real drinks and food, not bottom shelf liquor and the dog food Centurion serves these days. (No offense to dog food)..

  7. MIA spending $200 per gate. And we wonder why the world is catching to us in terms of infrastructure. Corruption is bogging us down.

  8. Amex used to screen by fees for card and credit rating. They derive income from the fees now by accepting people whose social and sanitary habits would never land them a respectable job or status in society. Asians NEVER allow feet on furniture unless you find a lounge chair with a dedicated footstool – designed to snooze on. Cathay lounges are serene, well-behaved, immaculate and beautiful. They aren’t for bargain hunters looking for IG and social media posts. You need status or business class tickets to get into their lounges. As a result, more self respecting clients enter. Amex lounges have become an embarrassing example of American low class culture

  9. I still don’t get why people like airport lounges… Overcrowded and gone are the days of good service or good food. I’ll pay for the upscale airport restaurant any day, and it saves time.

  10. Perhaps Amex needs to add sleeping areas to lounges located in international hubs instead of forcing people to stay awake. This is one of the lounge amenities I value most. Nobody wants to see someone with their feet on the furniture taking up 4 people’s seating area, but the fact is many people coming to lounges in international hubs just got off a 12 hour flight and are exhausted.

  11. They’ve played that recording at DFW and CLT as well.
    At DFW I’ve seen them enforce it too on sleeping, sprawled lounge occupants.

  12. American Express used to welcome members into the clubs. Definitely no longer. It was a nice run while it lasted. The food choices can be pretty weird. No issues with the bar and I rarely drink any alcohol before a flight. I expect further restrictions from them on the use. It was really good for the first few years.

  13. Am I the only one shocked to hear “no sleeping”? A huge benefit of lounges is a quieter place to sleep. I’m not obnoxious about it, I don’t sprawl out or take up multiple spaces, but I’m not allowed to sleep at all after an ultra long haul or redeye? Wow.

  14. I remember seeing table signs at the Centurion Lounge in Denver reminding them to keep the feet off the table for hygenic reasons since people eat at the tables. I guess those signs are not enough.

    It would be better if they added these conduct reminders in the check in app where you have to click on each condition to generate a QR code, plus have the lounge agents remind people during the check-in process.

  15. I avoid Amex Centurion Lounges. Period. It only takes a handful of people who lack common decency to shift the entire vibe of a lounge. Amex has been aware of the problem for some time and has taken no *meaningful* action to restore decency. No thanks.

  16. What is different about Atlanta that they are being singled out and reprimanded for misbehavior? It’s just like any other big city…

  17. I think Amex will do the unthinkable and raise their annual fee with no offsetting benefits. The Platinum Card has attracted too many extreme couponers which dilute its brand.

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