An American Flight Attendant Leaves Secret Notes at Passenger Window Seats

A DC-based flight attendant tapes notes to the windows on flights she’s working.

Taylor Tippett has 122,000 followers on Instagram and has started garnering media attention, because I suspect a little bit of inspiration while we’re flying in a metal tube really resonates with people.

It seems like she’s one of the 5000 Jennas that United CEO Oscar Munoz is looking for. But she flies for American.

Clearly she – and her project – needs to be included the next time American revamps their safety video (though any new safety video still must include Kazumi Chapa).

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  1. In this world of social media everything, where is the line drawn? What does her employer think of this? Is this not making unauthorized statements on behalf of her employer or some other mortal sin? I guess the instagram thing is fairly well delineated with respect to personal/professional, but I mean that note shtick is pretty clearly modifying corporate property with her own statements. I realize that in a perfect, happy world that would be fine, but in our litigious real world I would be concerned over sticking my neck out quite so much.

  2. One should have learned by now to NEVER read comments on the internet. But I would say the Johnny33 up there just broke a “A-hole World Reacord”. Impressive.

    @CW As a comm manager myself, I can only dream of employee social media involvement this good. She’s done nothing but awesome work and to discipline her for this would be a level douchery that not even airlines could reach (I will regreat this comment).

  3. @CW I don’t think she’s ‘modifying corporate property’ with post it notes..

    For what it’s worth she doesn’t talk about her employer in any of this stuff. It was just obvious from the cabin interior.

    Hopefully this is something they’re loving. Because it’s awesome. Real caring about people, customers, her job.

  4. @Nic I was thinking along the same lines. After looking at her Instagram I think part of the reason that she is resonating is because she’s super cute. I’m not knocking her. That kind of girl is exactly my type.

  5. @Luis and Gary – lest it be unclear, I agree that this in isolation, and what this individual is doing, is great – both individually and as far as visibility for the company. However, obviously companies like to keep on message and control that message and it cuts both ways. She is in full AA garb, including lanyard, crew tag, and pin. I am not saying I disagree with what she is doing, and AA may like it so far, but I’ll bet they’re keeping a really close eye on it.

  6. @CW Either you’ve been burned really bad in the past or you’re just extremely cynical…

  7. I’ve been on two flights she’s worked (both earlier this year and both between DCA and MIA). If there was a note the window seat, I definitely missed it both times!

    That said, both flights I thought she did a well above-average job, memorable enough for me to remember her the second time around, but not memorable enough for me to say any of her specific actions deserve specific praise.

    Really like the idea though, and it’s great free advertising for AA. Well done.

  8. @Mike haha, no, I’ve never been burned, knock on wood, and as usual (or as always, really), Gary is correct here. Though I am a bit of a cynic too! 😉

  9. I think it’s great. i wish she would leave the notes on the windows instead of hiding them in the seat pocket – that way others who are not sitting there could see it and benefit from it. You never know who could use a word of encouragement. Way to go…

  10. I’ve met Kazumi Chapa before (had her as a flight attendant on a flight i was on from ORD-MIA on a 767) and she was probably the best flight attendant I have ever had!

  11. I’ve been trying hard to like AA but every single time I fly them they fall short. It seems that every AA employee I interact with, whether in person or on the phone, hates his/her job. There are no smiles. Can I have 2 bags of pretzels is met with a No. Questions to gate agents make me feel like I have no business asking or that I’m an idiot for asking. I’ve got one remaining AA credit to use up and then I’ll go somewhere else…

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