Angry Airport Employee Destroys a Plane After Getting Fired

This video, from Facebook, depicts what is apparently an airport employee smashing a plane after getting fired.

The aircraft appears to be a Yak-40 – a small, three-engined airliner – that seems to belong to UTair.

Reports suggest the man operating the digger was an employee of Russian airline UTair and was taking revenge on the company after being told his employment had been terminated.

There’s some skepticism about the veracity of this, however.

But one comment on the video claims the destruction of the aircraft was planned.

“These are defunct aircraft,” it says.

“The second-hand Yak-40 price is less than 5 million rubles (£52,000), maybe they aren’t worth selling or nobody wants to purchase them. Besides, looks like the engines have already been repurposed.”

At the very least, UTair doesn’t have any Yak-40s in its current fleet so — whether a disgruntled employee or scrapping the plane to sell off the metal — it didn’t likely disrupt current operations.

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  1. Seems like there are more tabloid like stories on these blogs lately. this really isn’ t the content I’m interested in seeing. Just voicing my opinion.

  2. @Paul agree, we want more miles and points tips and reviews and could do without the tabloid “drunk passenger diverts a flight” stuff. This and One Mile at a Time are going downhill.

  3. Agree – it’s now the Airline Enquirer with a few travel tips thrown in. But I keep coming back, so it’s working…

  4. Agreed with above comments. Clickbait title, after this has already made its way around the inter webs.

    No thanks.

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