Another American Airlines Program To Encourage Workers To Show Up For The Holidays

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  1. A couple of these stories are not about American Airlines, please take more care in selecting content in future, thanks!

  2. Unfortunately, these AA plans also provide financial incentive to employees who are genuinely sick to show up for work anyway during the time of the year that airports are most congested, thus potentially jeopardizing the health of themselves, their coworkers, and their customers….all at exactly the time that the flu season typically starts to ramp up.

  3. If these “genuinely sick” crew members are sick with the flu or Covid-19, why should those of us fully vaccinated for each give a damn?

  4. @Gary – What’s your solution to the AA bonus pay issue that you raise? Pay everyone the bonus, work or no work? Rescind the offer?

  5. This is typical of AA’s stance on sick time. Which is that they would rather step over a dollar to pick up a dime by using silly gimmicks instead of letting employees use the sick time they have earned. They company has now instituted a gestapo-like sick time policy that is designed to intimidate and create suspicion against those who call in sick.

  6. United gave all employees $1000 bonus for past work during pandemic.

    This bonus to Gate Agents etc is dependent on perfect attendance.

    So yes many will come to work sick, or if at all as there is mutiny brewing at the moment as if you compare what AA gave Flight Attendants it’s insulting. Flights don’t board and dispatch themselves.

    Flight attendants got up to 300% for working Nov 15bto Jan 2, all attendance points removed for the year and confirm space to commute. Gate Agents also commute, got Covid, several died.

    Oh and I forgot as a thank you for working summer which was a crap show, agents got $100 in points to cash in for gift cards.

    I’d be more concerned about the ground staff than missing FA at this point.

  7. That’s ridiculous AA is expecting people to show up to work sick! I’m glad the workers turned the money, health comes first.

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