Anti-Mask Passenger Jailed For Drinking Own Vodka, Making Racist Salutes, And Touching Up Cabin Crew

A passenger has been sentenced to 14 months of incarceration after going off on a “foul mouthed tirade mouth tirade…call[ing] an Italian flight attendant a “fascist” while making racist Roman salutes, repeatedly refused to wear a face mask and strok[ing] the arm of another flight attendant who[m] he also threatened to punch.”

His excuse according to his lawyer? He was too drunk to remember any of this, after drinking so much vodka straight from his own bottle.

However he was already on probation and didn’t seem to lack memory or remorse when interviewed by his probation officer.

When interviewed by a probation officer he claimed air steward Mr Proietti was a ‘f****** clown’ adding: ‘He would have been really hurt had I cut him in the face. I’m sick of being asked questions about that day. If you believe him you are the problem.’

The incident occurred January 29 during a Tenerife to Manchester flight on Ryanair. The captain considered a diversion but pandemic lockdowns led them to push forward back to the U.K., seeking expedited vectoring that allowed the Boeing 737 to arrive 25 minutes early.

Another passenger’s video of the incident is, naturally, ‘not safe for work’ or even for work from home if children or even responsible human beings are near your workspace.

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  1. 14 months in jail? Wow! I bet that would convince the anti-maskers to wear them, or quit flying. Hopefully soon everyone will need the vaccination passport.

  2. Gary, what the hell is a racist Roman salute? The traditional Italian Salute is offensive, not racist, and the traditional Roman Salute is Fascist, not racist.

  3. “Ryannair” is the “Florida Man” of airlines. When there is a story about Ryannair, it just isn’t good.

  4. @AlohaDaveKennedy: the “roman salute” is a modern creation, doesn’t actually go back to Roman times — and it is the same gesture as the salute of the fascist party of Italy, and later of the Nazi party in Germany. Performing this salute constitutes a criminal offense in many countries, including Germany, Austria and Poland. The salute is by definition racist since its only purpose is showing solidarity with Nazis and fascists. Any other use the salute may have once had does not survive into our time. (and no, it wasn’t used in ancient Rome either) “racist roman salute” is a bit misleading — it’s the Nazi salute. There isn’t a circumstance where it is acceptable to make this gesture.

  5. Is it any coincidence that so many of these drunken incidents take place flying to or from Britain, and also regularly on Ryanair? There are not too many other countries where the purpose of drinking is to get plastered, and then talk about your inability to handle drink as if it was heroic. More like pathetic.

  6. It’s not Ryanair per se…but rather the origin and destination. Tenerife to Manchester would be a bad behaviour red flag alert for me ( albeit a sector I’d never take). I’ve had many extremely tame Ryanair flights on other routes.

  7. Okay, I really respect the bringing of his own vodka! The rest, not so much……..

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