Anti-Mask Passenger Accosts Black Woman. Cop Comes To Break It Up By.. Grabbing The Black Woman

A passenger at the Minneapolis airport started harassing those around her, scolding them and calling stupid for wearing masks. She confronted a black couple. Then a cop came over to break it up – by grabbing the Black woman’s arm.

Other passengers had to intervene to get through to the cop and make him “realizes it was actually the white woman who was causing the trouble.” The black woman “who was originally targeted by police believes she was a victim of racial profiling,” ya think?

The airport authority, however, defends the officer,

In the confusion of the moment and based on his understanding of information provided to him by a passenger present, the officer misidentified who had initiated the disturbance and engaged one of the two individuals whom [the woman] had confronted. Bystanders corrected the officer who quickly turned his attention on [the woman].

By the way the white woman was eventually arrested and found carrying drugs.

(HT: Paul H.)

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  1. Nope, no profiling here, folks, move along as there’s nothing to see, we’re all “Minnesota nice.” (I live in the state. It’s not all that nice unless you’re a white Christian.)

  2. Do call options on Orville Redenbacher exist?

    If so, I’d like to make a YOLO play.

    Also can I just say my favorite word:


  3. You’re supposed to capitalize the word “Black,” Gary. Try not to show your racism.

  4. Regardless of what some think, This is travel related news I wouldn’t have heard anywhere else. Keep up the good work Gary.

  5. This incident occured in an airport, arguably the most relevant place related to travel. The interaction between passengers and law enforcement also is relevant.

    So, for those who complain about this not travel news worthy, it’s unfortunate any activity related to race relations while traveling affect your sensibilities.

    I suppose that saccharin-lined bubble world view makes it hard to see such realities that exists for others.

    Also, if no one has noticed it, the title of the blog is “View From The Wing – Thought Leader In Travel”. So, yeah, there’s content here that obviously is going to be thought provoking.

  6. Please keep posting these. I appreciate knowing what might confront me when I travel.

  7. The angry, confrontational, drug-possessing woman who ended up being detained at the baggage hall area doesn’t sound like she’s from Minnesota.

  8. The truth is blacks commit a disproportionate amount of violent and other real crime (nanny state and drug crimes not included as the government is committing crime by enforcing them). Blacks are 13% of the population and commit 52% of the homicides. Same thing with vandalism and robbery. Blacks also commit interracial rape at a ratio of 50,000 to 1. When people suspect blacks of committing the problems, it’s likely to be the case.

    Still, all cops enforce evil laws that criminalize personal freedom (war on drugs/seat belt laws/playing poker for money with friends/mask laws) and they are not on our side. No one who is white, black, Asian, gay, straight, or etc. should ever defend a cop until all are replaced with patriots. Cops often use poor Judgement.

    It is ridiculous for this blog to push this exaggerate headline and not talk about the anti white racism that is pushed by corporate America/academia/government today and to ignore the black on white violence which is much more likely.

  9. With Jackson above, VFTW gives us a view into the view from the idiotic “white supremacist” wing.

    When it comes to people who have long been subjected to much more awful living conditions than their domestic “neighbors” and too often been treated as sub-human by their domestic “neighbors” and the “law enforcement” tools, they do tend to get into trouble with law enforcement more than those with whom the wealthier and politically more powerful see as being more akin to themselves.

    If perceived European-Americans like Jackson were disproportionately the descendants of slaves and over-policing in recent centuries due to authorities’ perception of European-Americans being subhuman and there being a greater tolerance by the wealthy and powerful for such systematic prejudice, then it would be Jackson and his fellow clown white supremacist brethren who would be grabbed by the police more often and also thus end up behind the bars way more often.

    Why is it that the white supremacist clowns have a love affair with bringing up “interracial rape” when most rape in the last 2-4 centuries is “intra-racial” except when it has involved colonial operations with features of slavery and indentured servitude of “the other” or as part and parcel of military/paramilitary occupation? Because they love perpetuating stories about the “dangerous” “other” even as the real danger is in their own mirror and in their hostile minds.

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