Plane Diverts To Khartoum, Sudan When Cat Attacks Pilot In The Cockpit

Tarco Aviation flight 3T-234 from Khartoum, Sudan to Doha was forced to turn back around half an hour into its flight on Wednesday after “a cat attacked the pilot.”

The ‘aggressive’ animal had somehow got into the cockpit prior to take-off…The cat was angry and aggressive, according to a report in local paper Al-Sudani.

…It is not clear how the cat got on board the flight, although a report in Al-Sudani suggested the cat could have climbed onboard unnoticed during a cleaning or engineering check of the plane.

Recently a cat also wreaked havoc on a Boeing 737 when it got stuck inside a plane that was dormant for two weeks.

It’s not just cats that can interfere with planes, either, as a Singapore Airlines cargo flight had to divert when the 2186 goats it was carrying started passing gas.

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  1. The pictures of the cat staring down from the stored El Al 737 and the cockpit damage it caused crack me up. It’s like the cat knew s/he was trapped and doomed to an ignominious death and thought, “I swear to dog and on my mama cat’s grave that I will not leave this life without making my mark on the world.” And then proceeded to shred a million-dollar cockpit. Happy ending (survival) for the cat although a big repair bill for El Al. Hilarious.

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