Anti-Mask Politician Says Her Constitutional Rights Are Being Trampled After Airline Ban

An Alaska Airlines state senator who “has sparred with Alaska Airlines employees over the mask policy” since January has been banned from the airline – although perhaps just for 30 days. It remains to be seen if a temporary suspension will be converted to a longer duration.

Lora Reinbold was recently fined $250 for refusing to properly wear a mask in the state capitol. On Thursday she was captured on video having a disagreement over keeping her mask above her nose at the Juneau airport before a flight to Anchorage. In a separate interaction not captured on film employees “said they felt threatened by her.”

According to Alaska Airlines,

We have notified Senator Lora Reinbold that she is not permitted to fly with us for her continued refusal to comply with employee instruction regarding the current mask policy. This suspension is effective immediately pending further review. Federal law requires all guests to wear a mask over their nose and mouth at all times during travel, including throughout the flight, during boarding and deplaning, and while traveling through an airport.

The state senator, in response, touts her elite status with the airline (MVP Gold) and says she has been “flying on Alaska Air for decades” (because, well, she lives in Alaska…) and says she “was reasonable with all Alaska Airlines employees.” However she says she “inquired about mask exemption with uptight employees at the counter.” Despite the ban she “hope[s] to be on an Alaska Airlines flight in the near future.”

On her Facebook page she complains that Alaska shouldn’t be commenting publicly on the matter, and that she should have been given a yellow card rather than a ban. And she believes her “constitutional rights” (which protect people from the government of which she is part) “are at risk under corporate covid policies.”

While the federal transportation mask mandate may not be legal, Alaska’s own mask requirement predates that and there’s no dispute over the ability of an airline to require masks as a condition of transportation, subject to compliance with federal anti-discrimination rules.

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  1. Simple, everyone has to produce a a 3 day old negative Covid-19 test and has to wear a mask during the flight. Everyone violating these should be banned from flying.

  2. Do those around her have the constitutional right not to breathe her pathogen breath?

  3. It’s perfectly constitutional. So is the mask mandate.

    Shut up Karen.

    (Readers can decide whether I’m talking to the senator or Leff).

  4. Of course she complains about “due process” and “constitutional rights”. Alaska Air is a private company, you don’t get due process. If she’s that uninformed about the constitution and the law, she’d better resign her seat in the legislature. What an idiot. Ban her for life.

  5. I agree with Iolaire. The lack of tolerance and desire to debase instead of debate is so discouraging. And people wonder why there is such a political divide. I agree with commenters that Alaska Airlines can have and enforce a mask policy (and this is a debatable policy!). But I agree with the State Senator that this is a private matter between her and the airline, not something that apparently the airline published. Are they trying to “shame” her, perhaps because of her political stands? If so, the shame belongs to AS.

  6. Masks don’t work. The science is clear. You people are being lied to and the cognitive dissonance must be extremely painful for all of you.

  7. In a fight between objective science and trumpian dogma, the rule of law prevails. Senator, heal thyself!

  8. I believe in masks, but I also firmly believe that people are generally unfamiliar with their constitutional rights, and how precious and delicate they are. Soldiers gave their lives for these rights and to just precipitously relinquish them is abhorrent on any level. Then one day you will wake up to a totalitarian world and then start to wonder. what did I just do ?

  9. @Samuel
    “Masks don’t work.”
    And you know this cuz……? Was it a story on OANN or Newsmax or Faux?
    Masks decimated the flu over the past 12 months. Is it such a stretch to accept that masks help, at some level, with other airborne pathogens?
    Please go to your unmasked place of worship as often and as long as possible.

  10. Many in US do not understand the difference between rights and privileges just as they don’t understand the difference between need(s) and want(s).

  11. Not surprising, ..comments that she has flown Alaska Airlines for decades but is ignorant to the fact that Alaska Airlines is AS. Not AK.

  12. @ CoolHandLuke +1

    Maybe somebody should have explained to the nice crazy lady that she shouldn’t crap where she eats. Hope she likes riding the ferry.

  13. Some anti-maskers say mask regulations don’t help public safety and is merely theatre. If that is the case, and it may be the case, then they should push for N95 masks or at least surgical masks as a requirement. I wear those type of masks. Early in the pandemic, they were in short supply so saving them for doctors and nurses was logical. The shortage is now over. Wear them.

    This may be a case of bipartisan stupidity. No masks versus those that want masks regulations that can be met with poor quality masks.

  14. If masks work so well, then how can my dentist be in everyone’s mouths all day and no one in the office has caught covid, FACT!!! COVID IS B.S. It is all of the brainwashed ones that are the mask supporters. Everyone has a right to chose for them self if they want to ware that useless mask or not! If you feel like a sheep then ware one! If you feel you should have a choice then don’t ware one. Life is to short! And everyone has a choice, remember that sheep people you are not the only ones in this world.!! With a 99.9 percent survival rate keep your masks to your self.

  15. The flu season this winter has been almost non-existent. People with allergies have had a greatly reduce incidence of allergies. This is most likely caused by so many intelligent and caring people are wearing masks. Good Grief Charlie Brown it is not a difficult this to wear a mask.

  16. “Should have been given a yellow card.” In Association Football (soccer), two yellow cards equals a red card – and you are out of the match. Bet this isn’t the only time she pulled this crap.

  17. Obliged to wear a mask is an AS policy. It is no different than being required to wear clothing onboard the aircraft. If you scream and attempt to strip naked and expose yourself, I am sure the airline also throw you off the plane.

  18. Lora Reinbold should not be allowed to fly ANY airline or be allowed out at night without adult supervision. She is clearly a danger to herself and others if left alone.

  19. @Jerry what soldier was for constitutional right to NOT wear a mask? Where does it say in the constitution Give me the right NOT to wear a mask at a private business? No Shoes No Shirt No Mask is where in your constitution? Where do you have the right to force a business to accept you onto THIER property based on YOUR terms? If you do not like their terms go to another business. Go fly the NO MASK AIRLINE

    Now can someone explain what is it that it is middle age women who become BATCHES over this issue? These are the same ones who will not wear white after labor day But they refuse to follow a company’s rule.

  20. @ carolyn l smith — I’m guessing you’re unvaccinated as well as maskless (and stupid). I’m so glad you won’t be allowed on any of my flights to Europe this summer spewing infected droplets.

  21. @Carolyn I Smith, wait, your dentist isn’t wearing a mask? Here in NV that was illegal BEFORE COVID. Any procedure where there is possible bodily fluids contact requires a mask, gloves and eye protection. They put that in place back in the ’80s to prevent AIDS transmission. You definitely need to find a new dentist.

  22. Constitutional rights generally don’t apply to private businesses. The federal and state constitutions limit the government, not private enterprise. Those constitutions give governments certain powers to regulate commerce. But for the most part, private companies have the right to set their own policies when it comes to things like wearing masks. If one doesn’t like a company’s policy, he or she is free to take his or her business elsewhere.

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