Alaska Senator Can’t Vote On Legislation Because She’s Been Banned From Flying Over Masks

In April, anti-mask Alaska state senator Lora Reinbold – who had been fined for reusing to properly wear a mask in the state capitol – was banned from Alaska Airlines after she refused to keep her mask above her nose and employees claimed to feel threated by her in the altercation that ensued.

Reinbold admits she “inquired about mask exemption with uptight employees at the counter.” And on her Facebook page she complained she deserved a warning rather than a ban. And she believes her “constitutional rights” (which protect people from the government of which she is part) “are at risk under corporate covid policies.”

Not being able to fly Alaska Airlines is a very big deal if you’re an Alaskan legislator since you need to get to the state capitol, Juneau.

In fact, Ms. Reinbold is asking to be excused from showing up to do her job for the next four months, and having to vote on legislation, because she won’t be able to fly to the capitol and back.

She’s traveled to Anchorage and then flown Delta to Seattle and then to Juneau, but Delta’s Juneau service is seasonal. Alaska will become her only flight option, but it’s not an option for her.

Earlier this year, Reinbold drove through Canada, then took an Alaska Marine Highway System ferry to Juneau. No hard-surface roads connect Juneau to the North American road network.

“Driving through Canada is a long haul and complicated and restrictive process,” she said Thursday.

Ferries also cross the Gulf of Alaska between Whittier and Juneau twice per month. Federal rules require mask-wearing aboard ferries and other public transportation.

Isn’t it the citizens she represents, though, that are being abandoned by their Senator’s request not to have to be part of deliberations? And if she’s unable to represent them, shouldn’t she resign?

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