State Senator, Who Got Into Mask Altercation, Is Suing Over Air Travel Ban [Roundup]

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  1. I remember how holier than thou Alaska Airlines was falling over itself and introduced (and enforced) mask mandates for 2+ year olds long before any federal mandate, when United and Delta couldn’t care less.

    What would normal business do now in this situation- apologize to the customer, admit they overreacted, lifted the ban. No, Alaska waited for passenger to sue. What a sanctimonious POS of airline

  2. I don’t remember the Constitution saying anything along the lines of “the right of the people to fly on Alaska Airlines shall not be infringed”.

    Isn’t this the same party who argued that you shouldn’t have to serve cake to gay people?

  3. Good hope she wins. These tyrant wokesters need to be slapped down and pay for all the Covid nonsense.

  4. @Andy, I don’t think AS, or any airline for that matter, wants to serve passengers with a history of non-compliance with any rule.

  5. What happened to Alaska it once was a great airline with a caring culture that made me go out of my way to fly them.I’ve given up on them

  6. The guy whining about Cuba ignores that Vietnam can (potentially) be useful against China (who they don’t like), whereas Cuba can’t do squat for the US.

  7. Conservatives always say that making bad choices has permanent consequences so people should pull themselves up by their bootstraps. This attitude seems to end the moment that their own bad choices result in permanent consequences.

  8. @TProphet

    Liberals are such infantile people. I guess that happens when your entire ideology is based on emotions and grievance politics.

  9. Given the science on the masks is now settled (they empathetically do not work), she should be lauded as someone who stood up for reason while the world descended into madness.

    Give it up, mask-Karens. If your personality is based on self-humiliation, find a BDSM club. Don’t involve the rest of us.

  10. Love that the party that supports Hobby Lobby does not support that an airline can ban people that doesn’t follow it rules.

  11. I would say that Alaska owes her an apology and time for society to have a giant reconciliation of the wrongs perpetrated in the name of fear of Covid. We now know beyond any doubt – read the Cochrane Mask Study to the extent you still harbor some – that masks were worthless and did nothing to prevent Covid but did give those who were particularly susceptible to it a false sense of security.

  12. Apparently, there are people here that still believe not enough people died from Covid. The idea that you were ‘free’ to contaminate those around you still has resonance among readers here is, I would say appalling, but really in 2023 is just weird. I’ll never understand what is wrong with these, not so bright, readers.

  13. @PegM, you have me laughing my butt off! Clearly, you just awoke from a 3 year coma because it’s been overwhelmingly proven that masks don’t do sh1t to stop an airborne virus such as COVID. If anything, they dry your respiratory system and increase your CO2 intake to unhealthy levels. Get over it, the lady was right and AS was wrong in following the mindless woke sheep. “The Science” turned out to be a pile of crap. It won’t be the last time this happens, by the way.

    Honestly, I said the same thing back in March 2020 and was savaged on line for it. But as part of my career in EHS, I had to learn a ton about respiratory protection. And, even then, I knew Fauci was lying and the politicians were parroting it. And I was accused of being in favor of killing everyone – so your absurdly stupid comment does bring back fond memories for me.

  14. Just lol at people who caved to masks and a clot shot vaccine just because the tv man said so. Keep taking those Ls

  15. @Qunol- what a stupid thing to say. You’d think differently if a family member had died from COVID.

  16. @JimC – you’d think differently if a family member had died from the lockdown effects. I’m sorry your relative was misled on how to prepare for the infection, and I think Gary should take note too: go for a run, get your vitamins.

  17. Sara, you’re kidding, right? “Go for a run”, what, run away from the contamination?

  18. It’s so strange that three years in this small subset of individuals still spend their time savaging the strategies that helped save lives. What’s in it for you guys? Enlighten me, where does it get you?

  19. @Sara Smith- oh Sara.,Sara, Sara. One of those who still thinks the world is flat, that Trump won the election, and that FOX News tells the truth. Such a tiny, tiny mind. Grow up !

  20. Maybe she should just pull herself up by the bootstraps and start her own airline. Call it Fox News Air. Direct flights from Juneau to DCA every January 6th.

    Seats in First Class get a MyPillow.

  21. I’m sorry science offends you, and to an extent you have to spew such vitriol.

    The fact remains; obesity is a major indicator of a prolonged recovery period when it comes to most systemic illnesses .

    Whether you like it or not, a mask won’t save you. Taking care of your health, however, will.

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