Anyone With A Travel Credit Card Can Get Frontier Airlines Elite Status

There are a lot more first-tier elites than top elites, and more people still who fly a lot but not quite enough to earn status. Here’s an opportunity for those people to have elite status for a small fee. It isn’t a status match offer, no current status is required.

Instead, anyone with a travel credit card can have elite status with Frontier Airlines.

  • This is an industry-first as far as I know. It also shows how valuable people with travel credit cards are as customers. They have both the ability and propensity to apply for and get approved for such cards so airlines should want them as customers!

  • You enter the first six digits of your card so show that you’re eligible. That’s really interesting, and would have required building a database of rewards credit card BIN numbers. Maybe it isn’t 100% complete but some quick testing shows it does a good job with most popular cards.

Here is the offer for first tier ’20K Elite Status’.

  • Instant status valid through September 30, 2023
  • Fly 5,000 miles or spend $5,000 on a Frontier Airlines credit card (or any combination of flying and spending to reach that amount) qualifies to keep the status through end of year. (The Frontier card is a great way to earn top tier status, also.)
  • The first 2,000 applicants get this offer for $80, after that it’s $199
  • Or for $499 you can have 20K status through end of year with no challenge component at all.

Status comes with free seat assignment, extra legroom seats if available at check-in, no fees for carry-on bags and priority boarding.

Frontier is also discounting its All You Can Fly pass to $499, and doing that with status on the airline would unlock tremendous value if you were going to use that.

This isn’t as generous as the status matches Frontier offered in 2020 and 2021 offering a full year of status up to top tier, but I wouldn’t expect that to be repeated. And this doesn’t require having any status at all, which the match certainly did. Both the match offer and this one for travel rewards credit card customers came with a fee to participate – which as I’ve observed in the past is very ‘on-brand’ for Frontier.

The deal is best obviously if you live in a big Frontier Airlines city like Orlando, Denver or Las Vegas. Though it’s also an opportunity to have airline status for the first time for those who don’t already, and perhaps an opportunity to take that status and match it to another airline.

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  1. […] They’ll match against 16 different airlines, 15 different hotel programs, and 15 different cruise lines. Southwest Airlines Companion Pass earned via credit card is good for top tier Frontier status. Hotel and cruise programs only match up to mid-tier (50k) but those who do this match may be offered a buy up to top tier. And you may also be offered a discounted All You Can Fly pass. […]


  1. @ Gary — Wow, this so lame compared to the recnt Spirit status match. I have loved being Gold on Spirit so far, and I will miss it after the year is over. It would simply require too many flights to re-up at $5,000 spend, and I’m not really inclined to put spend on their credit card. Maybe if I can earn 3,000 SQD by flying Spirit, I will consider spending $20,000 on their credit card. We’ll see….

  2. I have a card and I’m taking a trip next week and my flight have been changed 5 times so we have to leave a day early and stay in the airport overnight to get there when we need to.When we get back I’m cutting up my card and I will never,never fly Frontier again

  3. This is amazing news. Now to somehow convince myself it’s worth it to fly Frontier. Oh wait, that’ll never happen…

  4. How’s their first class international dining on board and their executive clubs? 😉

  5. Flew Frontier for the first time earlier this month. It was a last minute emergency roundtrip between DFW & SFO, and Frontier (stretch seating) was half the price of every other airline in economy. It was perfectly acceptable and comfortable (except the seats don’t recline, perhaps to mitigate potential for conflict) and my fellow passengers were pleasant. Only complaint is that the flight attendants talk/gossip with each other non-stop, and do so as if us passengers didn’t exist.

  6. $80? No thanks. Problem with Frontier is not the seats. It’s the reliability of their schedule.

  7. I can see why some people would take advantage of this offer, but I was a 100k status customer and Frontier airlines cost me money, big time, to fly with them in 2022. I had free seats, bags, everything but the fare/taxes/fees and those are low to begin with. Problem?, constant schedule changes, way to many cancellations (once back to back), and NO customer service. Gate agents not even looking you in the eye when telling you the flight has been cancelled. Submitting reciepts from flights on other airlines to be able to get back home being rejected because the digits were too fuzzy, I KID YOU NOT!. Over 200 emails that resulted in my claim being rejected. I lost that 100k status at the end of 2022 and I have not missed it at all. Anybody that buys the fly free ripoff that they are offering will regret it. Frontier airlines is the worst airline in the USA.

  8. I will never fly with frontier again I’m so disappointed with all of their hidden dews and stones I’ll tell you what they go on their schedule not the flight schedule they decide when they’re leaving and when they’re going to depart whether it’s before the scheduled time wether its 2 minutes or 10 minutes They choose I will never fly frontier ever again absolutely disappointed with the way they have promised a refund of half the ticket Of a flight that was missed due to their departure of early and not only did my significant other missed their plane so did 8 other people by 2 minutes it goes to show that yes they suggest you be there 2 hours early but if you’re not and you’re running on a tight schedule and you’re reliant on that plane leaving when that plane is scheduled To depart And their customer service is absolutely useless they’re so overly short and road even when it’s their mistake And their customer service is absolutely useless they’re so overly short and road even when it’s their mistake it doesn’t surprise me that they have this going on because I know they’ll never get my business again and I hope others will fly With other airlines and save themselves the headache that frontier will give them. I hope that everyone knows how awful Frontier Airlines is!

  9. This is so NOT worth the price nor the headache!! All of the previous years it was $49 for 1 full year of status!! Who would be that dense to pay almost DOUBLE the price for only 4 months of status!!?? Also the company that is doing this promo sounds VERY scam-like. They should have stuck with, at least they seem more legit.

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