Are Coronavirus Quarantines Constitutional?

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  • The US has charged 4 Chinese military officers for the Equifax data breach don’t let that distract you from Equifax’s own culpability, when they leave their servers unprotected should accessing them even be a crime? The fault here still lies exclusively with Equifax.

  • What went wrong with Bombardier? Everything

  • American’s new Gol codeshares begin mid-February

  • Constitutionality of Coronavirus quarantines

    There is no direct Supreme Court precedent on the due process rights of a person subject to quarantine or isolation, but there is state precedent that the constitutional requirement is provided by the writ of habeas corpus. There is state precedent that isolation or quarantine cannot be indefinite without triggering a periodic right to review of the need for the restriction, which is consistent with Supreme Court precedent on restrictions for mental health commitment and the restrictions for dangerous persons such as sexual predators. While some states have granted more extensive due process rights through statute, it is likely that the Supreme Court would not find these necessary as a US constitutional matter under the Matthews v. Eldridge (1976) test.

  • While everyone is talking about the British Airways speed record Alitalia set one for New York – Rome as well.

  • How food is made on airplanes

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  1. when they leave their servers unprotected should accessing them even be a crime

    Yes. I can’t believe that’s even a question.

  2. “Are Coronavirus Quarantines Constitutional?” – Huh? For 14 days based on current scientific knowledge of the virus? Of course it is. So one jerk who decides they don’t want to stay in quarantine is free to go and put the entire population at risk? What a stupid question. Nobody is talking about indefinite quarantine. Obviously if it went on and on and there was no end in sight people have a right to raise an issue, but that is not what is happening so its not even a relevant.

  3. When I was in first grade, I used to play with a girl in second grade. One of her legs was shorter than the other, because she had had polio. No one in the second grade was playing with her.

    Many today are arguing against forced vaccines, but I never will because I remember my friend.

    Epidemics are serious business. An out of control disease could kill millions and leave many others with permanent physical scars that they will not recover from. I think in the USA, we have forgotten how horrendous an epidemic can be. At present, we have no cure for the coronavirus. We also do not know how serious it can be. Real epidemic such as like the Ebola virus, infected about 30K people mostly in Africa, killing 40%. Of course, since it was in Africa, it was out of sight and out of mind for Americans.

    Don’t think such a disease could not happen in the USA. Especially if we do not believe in quarantines. I do not want to be stuck in a quarantine; however, I believe a reasonable quarantine policy is for the greater good.

  4. The Declaration of Independence sets out our first unalienable right to be life. Preservation of life, the purpose of a quarantine, comes before liberty and happiness, which may be briefly constrained by a quarantine.

  5. Quarantine on a ship creates an guaranteed exposure environment by recycling contaminated air from one person to 2600 more in their 12×20 ft cells.

  6. BA’s record has since been topped.

    BA’s win is short lived as Virgins JFK/LHR VS4 beat BAs record flying time 4:47 in A350-1000 also burned 22 tons less fuel than the BA flight groundapeed 832 MPH and tailwind of 251 MPH.

    Still slower than the SR71 Blackbird 1:56 flight time.

    HT Mentour pilot website article

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