At LAX One TSA Worker Decided Screening Meant Seeing A Woman’s Breasts, Inspecting Down Her Pants

A TSA screener at LAX has been convicted after requiring a female passenger to show him her breasts, and inspecting down her pants. He was sentended to 60 days in jail and to take classes on sexual compulsion.

The woman told investigators that Lomeli told her he had to look inside her bra to ensure she wasn’t hiding anything, had her hold her pants away from her waist for a check, and then said he would take her to a private room for further security screening, prosecutors said.

But when they were alone on an elevator, Lomeli told the woman he could perform the screening there and ordered her to lift her shirt and show her breasts, then looked down her pants, she said.

Lomeli then told the woman she was free to go and added that she had nice breasts, authorities said.

In Denver TSA screeners were flagging attractive passengers to ‘alarm’ so that colleagues could pat down their genitals. Think this is unusual? Over half of TSA employees have been accused of misconduct and over half of those multiple times, yet action is rarely taken. One particularly attractive former work colleague used to get patted down nearly ever time she’d fly, despite PreCheck and eschewing metal and liquids.

The TSA did publicly announce that pat downs would become more intimate but that it’s not sexual assault when the government does it.

TSA used to stand for ‘taking scissors away’ now it stands for ‘twisted sexual assualt’:

As they say, a few bad apples who in no way undermine the hard work that thousands of men and women at the TSA do to keep us safe, day in and day out.

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  1. Whether security theater does much more than hardened flight deck doors and passengers who won’t put up with shenanigans is debatable. But as long as people act like sheep and accept the horror of body scanners sexual intrusion is hovering in the wings. The kind of people who will take a this low paying, generally hated work may well be a factor too. From everything I’ve read turnover is very high, morale very low. But then logic and good sense seem to be lacking too, so long as everyone goes through the motions. An agency that says carrying one liter of a liquid isn’t allowed but 10 people traveling together each carrying 1/10th of a liter is okay isn’t exactly thinking clearly.

  2. Wow. I always thought TSA screeners have to be the same gender as the passenger they are screening. I’ve never had a female TSA screener screen me nor have I ever seen a female passenger be screened by a male TSA agent.

  3. @joey, same gender means nothing. That is discrimination because it assumes nobody is LGBTQIA.

  4. This is very disturbing! We entrust the TSA to protect us and others while traveling, so this behavior must never be tolerated and immediately reported and addressed!

    I had some very precious items stolen from me by TSA in Chicago and I couldn’t find a way to pursue charges against them successfully 🙁

    There will always be bad apples, but they need to be reprimanded and prosecuted as they violate laws and our liberties.

  5. If they are ugly they might not get screened
    I suppose its the perks of the job if your a voyeur /peeper

  6. It’s not true that TSa screeners can flag down attractive passengers to alarm. They use screening equipment to scan passengers and each passenger is screened by their same sex. Some passengers can choose to go into private room with witness if they don’t feel comfortable in the public area, I did request that before.

  7. I have always gotten pat down by a female except one time in Memphis.. I refuse to go to a private room.
    It seems like something is always showing up on the screen. To solve that problem I purchase pre check.
    Best $85 I spent

  8. I’m a guy, and I’ve had a male TSA agent pat me down, including genitalia, on two different occasions at the same airport on two business trips. I have never, repeat never, been patted down in any airport other than those two instances. I hated that, but not nearly as much as the two times that TSA agents hurriedly collected the plastic bins from the conveyor belt after passing through xray, making sure to carefully hide my laptop in the middle of the stack of bins. Both times I saw what was happening, raised holy hell and made them bring back the stack of bins so I could retrieve my computer. One of my friends was not so fortunate and lost her computer to the TSA thieves.

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