Hotel Housekeeper Was Stealing Guest Underwear, Leaving His Phone Number And Demanding Nude Photos

Las Vegas police are sharing details of a hotel worker, hoping they’ll get additional information from other guests who may have been victimized by the man.

According to reports the 20 year old would steal guest property and demand nude photos from them in exchange for having their belongings returned.

Trevor Savok was arrested Sunday on child abuse charges after police were called to a reported burglary…Savok, an employee at the hotel, allegedly stole property and clothing from hotel guests.

“After stealing the property, Savok demanded nude photos from the victims in return for their belongings,” police said.

He is accused of also stealing female guest underwear and leaving his phone number in its place. I don’t imagine that generated a lot of phone calls.

A group of girls staying at the property told police they had returned to their hotel room after a soccer tournament to find a note that said, “Text me if you want your panties back.” The note also had a phone number on it and a hand-drawn heart, the arrest report said. A set of AirPods was also missing, police said.

It appears the hotel where the housekeeper worked has now been confirmed as Don Laughline’s Riverside Resort and Casino in Laughlin.

Credit: Don Laughline’s Riverside Resort and Casino

But it gets even stranger still. Naturally the charges the man is facing include extortion, but he’s also charged with “four counts of using or permitting a minor 14 or older to be the subject of sexual portrayal in a performance” as well as child abuse.

The man admits to stealing property, but not underwear. He was taken into custody at work and processed at the Clark County Detention Center.

I’ve written about plenty of cases of video surreptitiously hidden in hotel rooms and also inside of Airbnb accommodations. Here’s how to check your room to know if you’re being spied on. And here’s how Erin Andrews makes sure no one is spying on her (again).

The problem with asking for the photos and leaving notes is that he isn’t just a creep he’s also a really stupid criminal.

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  1. Dude needs help. Clearly his physical challenges have had a significant impact on his life. I can only imagine the bullying he was subject to as a child and adult. No excuses for what he did but here is an example of what society can create .

  2. @ Gary — Well, his plot must have been working. Note the hickey on his neck in the LVPD photo.

  3. Odd that the ladies wouldn’t be flocking to him without the need for frilly hostage taking.

  4. I mean, you live in Nevada, can’t you just pay $100 for whatever sexual fantasy you want? This is why we need mental hospitals. He’s clearly insane. Not a criminal. Bring back mental hospitals and just lock him up there for the rest of his life. Or castrate him and send him to a penal colony.

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