Woman Discovers Video Camera Taping Her in Hotel Bathroom, Man Who Put it There Flees Cops

In December I wrote about a woman suing Hilton claiming a hotel employee videotaped her in the shower and used the photos to blackmail her.

I’ve written about plenty of cases of video surreptitiously hidden in hotel rooms and also inside of Airbnb accommodations. Here’s how to check your room to know if you’re being spied on. And here’s how Erin Andrews makes sure no one is spying on her (again).

Now there’s any case being reported at a resort in Cape Cod.

A worker at a Cape Cod resort is accused of secretly videotaping women while they were showering inside a locker room.

A woman staying at the resort on South Shore Road Drive told police Friday that she noticed a black charger plugged into the wall near a sink in the women’s locker room.

Police said while the victim was unclothed and showering, she saw a small hole in one of the drop-ceiling tiles in the corner of the shower. As she examined the hole closer, she could see a blinking blue light, police said.

The woman found a camera, brought it to the front desk, and asked them to call police. The responding detective went off to view the footage. He spent 20 minutes watching it in some detail (hmm). What he found was a hotel employee — one of the ones responding to the guest’s complaint! — sneaking around the women’s bathroom.

The main disappeared and didn’t show up for his next shift. However he was spotted in town and arrested. He’s “a convicted felon with 27 priors” and has been charged with “misleading to obstruct justice by tampering with evidence and secret video recording/electronic surveillance of partial nudity.” He was released on $1,000 bail and has been fired.

Police aren’t releasing the name of the property where this occurred. We only know it is one of several resorts on South Shore Road Drive on Cape Cod, and that there’s a women’s locker room with showers.

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  1. Some things seem rather strange here. For starters, the guy seems rather young to have accrued 27 felonies. If he did, why isn’t he still in prison? Doesn’t the hotel screen employees? And lastly, why would the judge allow a multiple time felon to walk on $1,000 bail?

  2. Christian, it doesn’t say he accrued 27 felonies. He could have been arrested 27 times with just one felony conviction.

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