Delta Passenger Arrested For Rioting At The Capitol – Because Of A Dirty Shirt

Two days after the protests and riot at the U.S. Capitol, John Lolos had boarded a Delta flight at Washington National airport. The plane was taxiing out, but the pilot decided to return to the gate because he was reportedly yelling “Trump 2020!” Airport police met the aircraft at the gate.

The man was escorted off the plane and Delta rebooked him on another flight. The police officer, doing what airport police do, started scrolling his Instagram feed. And that’s when he saw a video of the passenger he’d just taken off the aircraft.

During the video LOLOS can be seen exiting the U.S. Capitol doorway, wearing the same shirt he was wearing the airport, and was waving a red “Trump 2020 Keep America Great” flag hooked together with the United States flag, yelling, “we did it, yeah!” after an unknown individual yelled, “we stopped the vote!”

The officer confirmed the passenger was still at the gate, alerted Capitol Police Dignitary Protection Division agents who were on premises at the airport. They arrested the man and took him to an airport holding room.

This man wasn’t just at the Capitol to protest, he specifically described himself as part and proud of “stopp[ing] the vote.” And he was caught because he was still wearing the shirt that he wore to the Capitol two days later.

(HT: Jonathan W.)

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  1. Seems like he was arrested for doing more than just wearing a “dirty shirt”. Not a great headline.

  2. @Sniffy – the headline says the reason he was arrested = rioting, the REASON he was caught and arrested is because of the dirty same shirt

  3. “Dignity Protection Division” division sounds weirdly Orwellian. However, the Capitol Police do have a “Dignitary Protection Division”.

  4. I feel like a 10lb salmon going upstream that got lured into thinking that the bait looked delicious and safe. Now I am being cooked on an open fire. I hope you enjoy your meal, Gary.

  5. These guys are really comical in their deplorable state…………..justice is coming for them one door knock at a time and if they think they had bill problems before wait til they see the new lawyers bill! C’mon Bubba keep posting those great selfies because the Deep State is going to be knocking at your door after your relatives call the FBI on you…………..did he say he was going to be right there beside you? LOL!

  6. You just can’t make this up. Like the guy who tried to cash a check, and then went back to rob the same bank. They won’t need evidence — the camera doesn’t lie

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