Behind The Curtains Is Just A Wall, Because This Marriott Hotel Room Has No Windows

Not all hotel rooms have windows. But they still have curtains covering up a wall, making it seem like there’s a window? There’s an allegory for Marriott at this Courtyard property in there somewhere.

One commenter says, “a window shows up if you’re platinum” however another rebuts: “Ambassador here, can confirm there are still no windows. Front desk says you need to contact your ambassador three months in advance to reserve one.” But whether or not a given franchise tracks and pays attention to Ambassador requests is, of course, probabilistic at best.

What does this Courtyard have curtains and no window behind it?
byu/agentofhermamora inmarriott

One Hyatt hotel excluded the view out the window from its room rate, saying that was actually part of its destination fee. Not coincidentally staying there was the most hostile experience I ever had at a hotel.

It makes sense I suppose that a hotel might have rooms with curtains but no window for those unwilling to pay extra for the view? Or, like Marriott’s Le Meridien Chicago, looking out the window might mean you’re treated as an active shooter and so it’s for guest safety?

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  1. I believe that is ILLEGAL. Like when the MGM grand was on fire and the Station night club was on fire. Patrons thought fake curtains were windows and the bodies were stacked up in front of them.

  2. Except that there clearly is a window in the image, but the curtains just don’t extend enough to cover it. And the OP on Reddit that you’re taking this from mentions the window.

  3. Curtains absorb sound and provide extra thermal insulation, so there are reasons to put them in even without a window.

  4. Nobody,
    You should look at the picture a little closer. That’s not a window in the picture.

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