Bill O’Reilly Threatens Airline Employee, Calls Him Scumbag [Roundup]

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  1. Too bad Thomas Massie does not know about the 3M Aura N95 mask that you can find at Home Depot. Super comfortable! At least we know now that Bill O’Rielly was probably guilty of the sexual harassment charges with this type of attitude, it would have been nice if Jet Blue banned him.

  2. Typical entitled Republican Karen scumbag not understanding how things work, so he lashed out blindly at some employee to make himself feel better. I’m sure it’ll be spun as free speech and such, and championed by the typical group posting on here that it has something to do with owning the libs or freedom or other mouth breathing inane drivel. If Bill wasn’t an old white man, they’d pile on for sure.

  3. Sadly Bill O’Reilly has become a scumbag himself with his arrogant, elitist, entitlement mentality attitude.
    He had the biggest audience in cable for a number of years, and through it all away with bad behavior. What is it with these news/opinion media people who invariably get a big head and self-destruct?!?!

  4. Funny how no one commenting here was there to hear the conversation, but they feel (based upon a snippet of a video) that they have the right to mouth off about what happened. What I did hear is that the flight was 3 hours late taking off and I believe that he was not the only one unhappy. I would like to hear/see the video in it’s entirety before commenting further. I suggest that others should do the same before commenting.

  5. Hatemonger, sexual predator, and now general world class jerk: Bill O’Reilly is a busy guy.

  6. Conservatives until Jetblue flight: “Joe Biden’s socialist, leftist agenda is forcing government into the lives of private corporations!”

    Conservatives after being inconvenienced by a private corporation: “Joe Biden’s pro-corporation agenda ignores consumers. His government needs to finally do something to regulate this industry!”

  7. David Miller–

    This is a case where context doesn’t matter because there is no excuse for the behavior of Shill O’Reilly seen in the video clip. So what if the flight was 3 hours late? You don’t berate people like this. Unhappy, I get, but there is a wide gap between being unhappy and taking it out on others.

    The gate agent in the video should be awarded a spot bonus of $10,000 by JetBlue for having gone through this situation.

  8. Congressman Massie, I didn’t realize livestock wore masks and flew airplanes… what’s the world coming to!?

  9. LOL. Anyone notice the twitter person who posted the Bill O’reilly clip has a Ukraine flag in it? Might as well be a red flag indicating his integrity. Probably has pronouns in his bio.

  10. Imagine being worth > $80 Million and still acting like you have nothing to lose. What a putz.

  11. Bill O’Reilly calling someone a scumbag. That’s the pot calling the kettle black.

  12. While I don’t condone this behavior from anyone we only saw a small snippet of what was said. And to all of the usual liberal commentators here I guess you all never get mad or frustrated even when you’re flight is delayed 3 hours for no good reason. Was not weather related so? Funny how all of the libs pile on O’reilly but when a lib does these things it is seen as justified, peaceful protesting etc.

  13. Cmorgan. You are 100% correct – liberals would be screaming their heads off and the lying media would be blasting this story for weeks. I previously posted a clip of the real story here – but apparently some “fact checker” decided not to post my reply.

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