Billionaire Complains To The Treasury Secretary About Cost Of NYC Hotel Room Service [Roundup]

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  1. Nothing reasonable about a $14 OJ and $8 coke. Why should being rich preclude one from pointing out a poor value and some inflation that could have been avoided?

  2. In my meek opinion , UA owes a few thousand dollars cash to the family forced to sleep outside. However , I doubt UA will man-up and volunteer the money .

  3. Re: Carlyle
    Ha ha. It appears someone checked a room service receipt for the first time, ever. And hey, at least he was able to get room service. Count your blessings and be grateful.

  4. Don’t stay st the Carlyle, and don’t order room service, if you don’t want to pay the prices.

    What a whiner.

  5. Everything associated with hotels in NYC is super expensive. Having thousands of migrants staying in these hotels on the governments dime only pushes the prices up even more.
    What’s news about this?

  6. “Nothing reasonable about a $14 OJ and $8 coke. ”

    Nothing reasonable about a thousand-dollar hotel room, but people make thier choices…

  7. “Nothing reasonable about a $14 OJ and $8 coke. Why should being rich preclude one from pointing out a poor value and some inflation that could have been avoided?”

    A: the OP isn’t complaining about “poor value.” If he cared he would never stay at the Carlyle in the first place

    B: we have no idea if there is any inflation here. To know that we need a receipt for the same items in year’s past.

    I can guarantee that room service was extremely expensive at the Carlyle during the Obama and Trump years as well. (Source: I’ve stayed there)

    Of note: there has been rampant inflation since 2000. That’s what happens when the Fed floods the economy with cheap cash. But that happens in republican and democratic administrations and has little to do with this receipt.

    What next? Measure inflation based on the ,ages Rothko sale?

  8. This billionaire’s post has nothing to do with complaining about service or price and has everything to do with blaming the Democrats for inflation that has been happening for years. Rich people don’t give a damn how much something cost. But the everyday working-class person certainly might and this billionaire what them to believe that the Democrats are responsible for all of their problems. tRump has already promised his ultra-rich donors that if he gets into the WH they will be receiving another giant tax cut. That’s what they want. And fabricating who is responsible for inflation is one way to try to get the vote out for tRump.

  9. I like this comment from a Daniel S. Loeb @DanielSLoeb1 😀

    “Try intermittent fasting and you’ll save money and glucose spikes.”!

  10. Aww, poor whiny billionaire. So he’s “never again” what? Eating breakfast? Maybe he’s going to now do something for the greater good like giving his serfs a raise so they can better fight through the inflation pain with him? Or maybe he’s going to jump right into his private jet and fly to his accountant to make sure he’s paying more than 2% in federal taxes to help the most impacted by inflation. I’m sure he showed that expensive hotel who’s the boss by not tipping housekeeping to offset that $85 pain. Serves those bums right anyway, huh? Now watch the useful idiot righties on here line up to vapor lock that billionaire’s buttocks. Someone tell all of them that Trump appointed Powell anyway. Also tell them who Powell is. And what the federal reserve does. And who to vote for. And who to hate. They like that.

  11. @ Gary — This billionaire guy is an idiot. His time should be so valuable that he wouldn’t even make his complaint. @ Chris P — The breakfast charge has nothing to do with migrants, but ieverything to do with inflation fueled by DJT’s reckless spending.

  12. The billionaire’s complaint was pointless and will result in zero progress.

    1) Yes, I agree the breakfast he ordered was grossly over priced and a poor value.

    2) No one put a gun to his head and forced him to order this room service. He could have walked to a nearby eatery and paid much less for breakfast.

  13. They didn’t HAVE to spend the night on the ground,they could have used the voucher

    Nobody guarantees you a room right next door to the airport. Or 5 miles away or 10. My last viycheted room was a 30 minute drive at 0 dark 30 when streets were empty.

    They CHOSE to sleep on the ground.

  14. Wow, that’s a new one – the billionaire snowflake. He truly has nothing better to do than whine about chump change?

  15. In 2006 I stopped for continental breakfast in Knightsbridge and paid equivalent of 50 dollars US for 2 coffees, croissants and small OJ. Didn’t cry over it. I knew where I was and could have gone elsewhere. A billionaire at Carlyle complaining about 85 room service. Guess he has to fly home on Southwest.

  16. This guy Kyle Bass is the jerkiest of jerks and an arrogant ReThug. He appears on CNBC as a guest of another one of his kind (Joe Kernan) and cribs about anything and everything relating to the current administration. He should be placed on the no-fly list and forced to pitch a tent on the street. After all, he will expense every cent of his travel cost and dodge paying taxes. And he dares to complain.

  17. For comparison to wealth, I will just round it up to $90 and consider it $90 to a millionaire. That would be equivalent to $9 to a person with tens of millions and 90 cents to a person with hundreds of millions. For a single digit billionaire it would be equivalent of 9 cents. Some people are just cheap.

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