Launches With Customer Complaints and $1250 Chase Bonus

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  1. […] Speaking of Marriott Bonvoy, do you know there’s now an entire website dedicated to people reporting problems with the new program? If you want to read a bunch of horror stories, or have your own to share, check out Do you believe that Marriott didn’t buy that domain for themselves? Actually, I do believe they never though of that. (H/T to Gary at View From The Wing) […]


  1. “$1250 for opening a Chase Private Client account but Doctor of Credit doesn’t think it’s a good deal.”

    At half a percent interest for that 90-day period, I don’t think Doctor of Credit is the only one saying it’s a bad deal.

  2. Bonvoy may have surpassed WOH in absurdity I mean which is better “Globalist or Titanium” ? I think Hyatt’s IT was better but then they didn’t try to merge so many differing systems at once. Customer service both of them have failed miserably there, and the aftermaths are just beginning to come to light with Marriott. There is the theory of “too big to fail” her it’s too big to get better.

    Gone are the “old days” when real loyalty was rewarded now it hacks and cc’s

  3. As a recovering IP lawyer, I’m laughing way too hard at Marriott’s failure to register Bonvoyed – especially when looking at the list of everything they *did* register. I think they Bonvoyed themselves! ~Craig

  4. Bonvoy. What focus group came up with that name. I feel Bonvoyed as I can’t get over the Bonvoy name in general. It would be like changing the name of Ford to Automot or something stupid.

  5. Hi
    We here @ Marriott feel you Bonvoyed folks are nothing more
    than noise around The edges
    We know you’ll keep coming to our hotels so we will continues to do what’s best for us
    Fake Marriott CEO

  6. I’ll take the $1250 in $ gUaP $ and be happy with it because I can use it to advance the “side hustle millionaire” agenda. 🙂

  7. Bonvoyed is a BS Fake site. I tried to enter 2 different opinions, neither was negative and neither were posted.
    Seems like a marketing scheme, probably created by Marriott’s competitors.
    I call BS!
    Try for yourself , see if your message gets posted.

  8. my wife and i have enjoyed traveling with WYDHAM REWARDS PROGRAM and have never complained about poor service until we booked at a hotel in seatac wa and were treated like thieves. a hotel employee was lying high off something in our bed,we were yelled at by the head housekeeper,and the manager would not honor us with free night as we did not stay in the room after the latter breech. notice no name was mentioned as getting hard working americans fired is not our way.

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