Boris Johnson Races Home On British Airways, Trying To Become Prime Minister Again

Ex-U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is returning to London from holiday in Punta Cana, just as shocked apparently as the rest of the world by the rapid meltdown of Liz Truss’s tenure at 10 Downing Street. He wasn’t even on the Continent.

Travel is expensive, and flights are full. So it shouldn’t be surprising that he isn’t flying business:

BA operates one-stop service from Punta Cana to London Gatwick twice-weekly at this point. Availability for this coming Monday’s flight is wide open. But next Friday is nearly sold out. Business class and premium economy are booked solid, while British Airways is willing to sell up to 5 more seats in coach.

Rather than being unable to secure business, though, it appears there were open seats in the cabin. So he either wasn’t willing to pay for it – or felt the optics would be better. He does appear to be surprisingly dapper in a suit for an overnight flight departing from the Caribbean.

But are the Tories – and the British public – ready to welcome him back? Betting markets say no, but that the race is hardly a lock.

Johnson was reportedly booed when he boarded the flight. But he’s been lobbying hard from his perch in Punta Cana and there are Members of Parliament who called for his resignation over the summer who now support his return, even though a pending investigation could lead to his suspension from parliament – though if he were the Prime Minister it’s likely his own party’s Privileges Committee wouldn’t recommend this, and his party wouldn’t vote for it in parliament.

Things are clearly rough for the conservatives in Britain when there’s a non-zero chance they’ll bring Boris Johnson back. He was a disaster both personally and on policy. But the Tory party is very likely to lose should they call an election. Truss’ prescription at the broadest level was right – the need to address anemic economic growth – but her policies of unfunded tax cuts and energy subsidies in the face of inflation were not. So Boris Johnson comes racing back on BA in a suit.

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  1. Well, crazy Boris does love to party and follows the great orange ape in “if I breathe I lie” behavior but at least he has enough self preservation instinct to NOT destroy the British economy in less time than it takes for a head of lettuce to wilt so that billionaires can get another tax cut…..

  2. Actually I think it’s time for King Charles (wow, what an awkward statement) to take back control of the British government. It’s obvious the “commoners” can’t govern themselves. Now where did those squires put Excalibur?

  3. Boris always looks dapper in a suit! And unlike many Politicians he was prepared for the best and the worst.

    But that hair, it is another matter! Perhaps he & Rod Stewart have the same Hairdresser!

  4. He should have never resigned.
    At least now the people know.

    Could be worse could have that Marxist Jeremy corbyn or the jew haters in the comm… Labour party.
    That party should be illegal.

  5. C’,mon Koggerj – AOC, Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton and Almira Gulch were women great leaders. AOC was dance squad leader, Kamala was the leader of the lost tribes of El Salvador, Hillary led the Battle of Bengazi and Almira was commander of the National Air Force of Oz,.

  6. Johnson is a proven serial liar and user of others money. He’s not going to pony up for biz class. Vote Tory to get shafted. It’s like turkeys voting for Xmas

  7. The dude is late to the game. If it was a family vacation, maybe he was in a pickle — “family vacation or career first?” — and pushed it to the limit to try to do his wife and youngest child right.

    It’s been obvious for even days before this flight that there would be a leadership tussle.

    Rishi Sunak and his rich Indian wife are hoping Boris can’t put it together again.

    The Conservatives have been a mess ever since David Cameron decided to play into the Brexiteers’ hands. A new Tory PM without a general election first will just keep the circus going while the UK becomes less and less relevant on the international scene due to scoring own-goals against themselves.

  8. Lol- funny to see Koggeri posting that women leaders are weak in a UK thread, who had one of the toughest women leaders in history in Margaret Thatcher. She’d kick his ass! But he’s just a pussy, hiding in his mommy’s basement.

  9. I love it when my fellow Americans who really know nothing about English politics choose to pontificate about them. Stick to credit cards Gary, you know about them. British politics? Not so much. Almost as bad as Englishmen educated by the BBC lecturing me about DJT.
    I am also a British Subject, have a home and a vote there, and was there for two weeks during the Truss administration.
    I am no great fan of Bojo, especially when he was being led around by the d*ck by his wife Carrie. His slavish adherence to the climate cult and Net Zero will have damned many a Briton to penury in the next twelve months. All that said though, there are two things that frankly may not be disputed:
    1) Most Conservative party members and voters do not believe Bojo should have been replaced as PM, and
    2) He is the only person vying for the PM slot who actually won a mandate as PM from the electorate.
    OTOH, Rishi Suank is a twice-proven backstabber who worked against his own boss for months in an attempt to steal his job (failed) and then, worked his pals into lather to get a do-over of the last PM election (hopefully failed). Many of us hope he loses again and brings his Green Card and rich wife here to the US where hopefully, he can do no more damage to the British body politic.

  10. and 3) Boris only has 59 supporters left in the Conservative party members, and thus not enough votes to even be nominated, let alone voted in as the next PM.

    Clearly most Conservative party members do not believe Johnson should be PM. Onto Sunak- better learn to spell his name, since he’ll be your next PM…

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