Brawl Ensues When Anti-Maskers Get Kicked Off Flight In Fort Lauderdale

Two women were removed from an American Airlines flight from Fort Lauderdale to Chicago. You can see them walking away from the gate, with masks covering their mouths but not their noses. They’re escorted by an officer. Despite the presence of law enforcement, one of the women has words with a passenger waiting in the gate area – and it turns into a brawl, with the officer trying to stop the fight by grabbing at the shirt of one of the women. No arrests were made.

It’s usually Spirit Airlines in Fort Lauderdale but with no business travelers and low low prices, everyone’s passengers are Spirit Airlines passengers now.

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  1. Just imagine if they weren’t black…..they be covid-denying, Trump-supporting insurrectionists. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good gate area fight as much as anyone else.

  2. This seems to be turning into ‘view of the brawls at gates and on planes.’ Do I earn points for either?

  3. @Bill – they aren’t Karens. “Karen” is the stereotype name for a white woman acting in a socially unacceptable manner. “Shaquanna” is the stereotype name for a black woman that acts in a socially unacceptable manner. It would be better if we didn’t use such stereotypes but they clearly have made it to mainstream acceptable use by some in the media. For example it’s not uncommon to hear “Karen” used on CNN.

  4. I think with the lower fares airlines are offering it is a lower class of people flying.

  5. @CHRIS
    What? Black people cannot be “they be covid-denying, Trump-supporting insurrectionists”? They are probably all three because race has no bearing on whether or not one falls into that rabbit-hole.

  6. Me: I wonder what the awkward racist cowards over in the viewfromthewing comment section are up to…

    *sees Bill and dave being sad excuses for husks of a man and grasping at straws to make their racism okay*

    Welp, probably time to start reading a different travel blog that isn’t just a bunch of weird, awkward, disingenuous MAGA wannabes.

    Peace cowards.

  7. When AA decided to go dumpster diving and creating a cheap/no frills product, this is what happens.

  8. @Ryan Were you abused as a child and still being dealt the short straw in life?
    Bye and good luck finding the unicorn.

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