British Airways Sends Passengers to a Brothel After Two Flights Stranded on St. Lucia

Two British Airways flights were cancelled at the same time on St. Lucia. Crew were sent to hotels. Some passengers were sent to what could technically be called hotels, while others were left overnight at the airport without information or assistance. British Airways apparently even sent several passengers to a brothel for the night.

British Airways flight BA2158 was supposed to fly St. Lucia due to fly from St Lucia to London Gatwick on Wednesday night but was delayed several times and then cancelled. In addition fligth BA2159, which had arrived in St. Lucia from London Gatwick and was headed to Grenada was cancelled as well.

Sleeping in the airport is never fun. Although being left in the airport may not have been the very worst thing that happened to passengers.

The lucky ones that went to hotels didn’t get their dream accommodations by any stretch, but they got accommodated.

And that was a whole lot better than where other passengers got sent. Several passengers reported that British Airways was able to find rooms for customers at a brothel. Much like Hainan Airlines putting up passengers at an S&M-themed hotel on Valentine’s Day three years ago:

Not everyone was unhappy with an unscheduled extra day on St. Lucia, however.

The passengers sent to the brothel were presumably offered additional premium services for an upcharge. The increasingly ancillary fee-minded British Airways may get new ideas to bring home to London Heathrow, already one of the most commercialized airports in the world. They could even partner with the United pilot who ran brothels all over Houston since he managed to escape jail time.

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  1. Unless they were required to work in the brothel it’s probably not worth complaining about. Not like the hotel rooms we all stay in are virgin territory. Black light! I shudder to think of all the vile, disgusting acts that have taken place in the 100s of hotel rooms I’ve occupied in my travels. And that’s just the stuff I was present for. Don’t forget to tip your server.

  2. We thought the brothel was exceptional and it was nice of BA to give us a 50 dollar credit to use towards services of our choice

  3. I once tried to make a reservation at a hotel in Amsterdam but was told it was a gay hotel. I’m not sure what they meant. Rooms by the hour or that you have to be gay to stay? That hotel has since changed because now there are regular reviews on the hotel online. It’s a small budget hotel.

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