Vegas Passenger Refuses to Sit Next to Child Because She’s Drunk, Goes on Expletive-Laced Tirade

A 32 year old woman had boarded JetBlue’s Fort Lauderdale – Las Vegas flight 7 on Wednesday when she discovered she was seated next to a child and — according to the arrest report — declared this wasn’t going to ‘expletive’ work because she’s been drinking all day. Things went downhill from there.

The woman hadn’t waited for Las Vegas – or even takeoff – to start drinking, and her behavior wasn’t going to get to Vegas in order to stay there.

She took it upon herself to change seats. But she didn’t like the new passengers she found near her and “proceeded to have loud profanity-laced outbursts.” She spit at passengers.

Flight attendants called the police and had her removed. Officers brought out a spit mask. But she didn’t go quietly. On her way out she blows kisses at passengers and declares she’d “see them in Vegas in an hour.”

She may have been drinking but she was surprisingly self aware — she noted she was being filmed, and several times declared that this should go viral, so she apparently got her wish (although she also noted she’d be embarrassed when her mom saw it the next day).

By the way if you prefer video without the expletives bleeped out, you can find that here at its original source.

Arresting officers report that she tried to get back onto the aircraft after she was removed. A gate agent blocked her, and the woman hit the agent.

Police put her in a wheelchair, handcuffs and in leg restraints, preventing her from kicking people and rolling her out the airport.

According to JetBlue,

On Thursday, February 14 – during the boarding of flight 7 from Fort Lauderdale to Las Vegas – crewmembers reported a disruptive customer onboard. Local law enforcement was called and the customer was removed from the flight. Additional details should be directed to Broward County Sheriff’s Office.

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  1. “I called somebody old because they were”

    While the behavior she displayed is obviously not proper, she does seem to be one of those keepin’-it-real, non-uptight, and fundamentally good people that we need more of in society. I would take her over an egotistic power tripping flight attendant any day.

  2. Little bit out of control. However, I do not want to join the global shaming squad. Everyone makes mistakes (except for me of course {no way I am going to admit guild}). Judge should send her home with an admonishment.

    The penalty for law abiding people, who make a stupid mistake is too high. Now, she has an arrest on her record, which she is going to have to pay $400-$1,000 or more to have it expunged. Even expunged, it will show up on criminal databases. I do not think it will stop her from getting a global entry pass, but it might. It will cause her trouble whenever she applies for a job. Wonders of the surveillance society.

  3. “How did the passenger know the child was drunk?”

    You know, that’s what I thought when I read the headline as well.

    Would have been a more interesting story, rather than just one about an obnoxious drunk on a plane.

  4. @the Other Just Saying:

    Your sentiments are fine if it was indeed a mistake. This was clearly not – this was one of the weird people nowadays that think being on You tube is fame and they crave it. She was clearly looking for attention and someone to video her being an ass. She deserves everything she gets and should be banned from airplanes until she grows up.

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