British Flight Attendant Exposes Co-Workers Having Sex With Passengers For Money

Aviation and sex are often intertwined. In the U.S. in the 1970s Southwest put their flight attendants in hot pants, adopted the ticket symbol for their stock of their home airport — LUV — and introduced automated ticketing machines called Quickies.

Braniff advertised how their flight attendants would change clothes inflight, promoting “The Air Strip”

The first known incident of the mile high club dates to 1916.

Passengers dream of the mile high club and if they’re drunk enough join in their seats while other passengers film. One supermodel complained that when she tries this with her girlfriend other passengers have the audacity to watch.

A Kuwait Airways pilot, for instance, let a porn star join him in the cockpit.

When they don’t get it live, pilots may just look at porn. Here’s an Etihad technical log where the pilots wrote up the inflight internet because they couldn’t download porn or use Tinder.

One airline is warning pilots not to film when flight attendants have sex.

Crew Rest Bunk, American Airlines Boeing 787-8

How much of these stories are real or apocryphal we want them to be true and one British flight attendant is inviting us to be believe that flights are non-stop sexfests.

To be sure tales of British Airways ‘mixed fleet’ flight attendants at the Ole Sereni Hotel in Nairobi circa 2011 are legendary.

Nonetheless there’s probably some truth and some fiction in her account.

Sex with passengers for money

[She] revealed that two girls last year were making money by having sex with first class and business class passengers.

She said: “A stewardess was caught getting [business] on board as a prostitute. She was caught business-carding it — trying to drum up [business] on a flight.”

“She only got sacked because she changed hotel rooms but she hadn’t informed her [customers] that she had — and they were turning up looking for her. Another stewardess did the LA trip and she had a nice little business down there of people coming to her hotel room and having sex with her.”

Sex With Other Cabin Crew

When meals have been dished out and there is a quiet point in the flight, the cabin crew worker alleges, she regularly hears of staff performing sex acts on each other in the crew rest area.

And during one risky romp, a pilot was said to have had sex with an air hostess mid-flight in the back of the cockpit.

…Meanwhile, one shameless, cheating pilot, whose wife was on board the flight at the time, hooked up with his air-hostess girlfriend mid-journey without them getting caught in the act.

Taking Revenge on Passengers

She also have tales of taking revenge on passengers, claiming that once she and another flight attendant took a business class passenger’s jacket, opened up the seams on one sleeve, and sewed in mashed up crab and prawns.

She also stole one passenger’s shoe while he slept and didn’t return it.

There’s definitely a truthiness to her stories. Whether or not they’re true, they sound like they should be true.

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  1. The pay really is that terrible for British FAs that I can’t really fault them for picking up a side gig. World’s oldest profession.

  2. Is it me or this blog writer fantasize about these type of stories too much? To me it sounds like a case of sour grapes!

  3. @Alex I do not think you know what ‘sour grapes’ means, it refers to negativity driven by not being able to have the thing yourself. I have flown plenty of British Airways business and first class and it’s rather easy to come by.

  4. Its not the bad moral, Its simply humans having an urge that’s hard to quench when traveling alone….Loneliness is a travel pain!!

  5. I flew BA first class from London to Denver last Sunday.

    Until now I had thought that the FAs did a good job (given the airline they work for and the fact that they are not responsible for poor quality product), but now I feel as though I was not fully looked after.

    I’d feel more of a loss if this were also going on with Singapore Airlines, Cathay and ANA. Superior level of everything with them.

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