Bumped From A First-Class Seat For A Dog: American Airlines Controversy [Roundup]

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  1. @Tume – you should assume service animals are on the flight since airlines can not, per Federal law, refuse them. Also, assume regular pets (cats and dogs) where a pet fee has been paid, are on the flight. My understanding is that if someone is allergic to animals they can inform the airline and either get placed in a seat as far as possible from the animals (the airline knows which passengers have service animals or have paid a pet fee) or the airline would rebook them on another flight. What they won’t do is refuse to board a passenger with a service animal or that has paid a pet fee. The issue with with the passenger with allergies not with the passengers who legitimately have pets in the cabin (even though some on here seem to feel otherwise).

  2. Retired Gambler – Yeah, I only fly Southwest and have for over 35 years. No bag fees, no fee for changing/cancelling a flight. If I cancel a flight, the funds are held forever for future flight purchases. I have never been bumped. Free non alcoholic drinks. Free snacks. No assigned/paid for seating. Always great flight attendants. Low,low fares. Yeah, I only fly Southwest and I love it. So you go ahead and overpay for your flight, for bags, for seating, for snacks and drinks and put up with snarly, surly flight attendants. Laugh now, as you overpay for everything. I see now why you are a “retired” gambler – no common sense or ability to know the difference between being smart or being the perennial loser that you obviously are.

  3. @David R Miller – I’m lifetime elite on AA, DL and UA with around 8 million miles over 40 years so don’t pay those fees either and I get first class plus assigned seats. BTW the old “no bag fee” ad for SW is only something for the once a year flier. Anyone who flies much has status so that is a wash. They really over sell it to a gullible population though.

    As for my name – retired long time senior corporate executive who now travels the world gambling, playing golf and enjoying life.

  4. Retired Gambler – there is nothing “gullible” about 2 free bags – no matter how often one files. If you mean “status” because you have enjoyed being gouged and overpaying for flying, then consider the cost of that “status”. Being a “lifetime” AA,DL, and UA flyer means that you are used to overpaying to fly, and have been for years. Congratulations for wasting your money. As for your “resume”- it has nothing to do with this topic and is just the boasting of one who enjoys being gouged.

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