Capital One Venture X May Lose Hertz Presidents Circle (But Here’s How To Get That Status Anyway)

Update: Capital One adds that no decision has actually been made on the future of this benefit:

our current Hertz benefit contract is slated to end on December 31, 2024, as disclosed since the launch of Venture X. We are continuing to find ways to offer unique experiences to cardholders that they are passionate about and can share with friends and family. We are currently in the process of evaluating the benefit, including the potential extension of the benefit, and will be in touch when there are updates.

The top Hertz public status tier that you can earn as a frequent renter is their Presidents Circle status.

Normally the status requires at least 15 rentals or spending $3,000 with the company, and it comes with upgrades, faster points-earning (so you have more points when they devalue without notice) and better car choices in self-service lanes.

Capital One Venture X has come with this status as a benefit since card launch. However Thrifty Traveler was first to report that this benefit will end December 31, 2024.

This is no big deal! Delta Platinum members and above receive Hertz Presidents Club as well as:

  • Amex Platinum has Hertz Presidents Circle as well. So if you want to keep the status and have the Platinum card, you’ll presumably be able to switch how you’re earning it.

  • Hertz actually offers Presidents Circle membership to anyone with a World Elite Mastercard.

Hertz Presidents Circle Line at Dallas – Fort Worth

Don’t expect much when you rent from Hertz. Even as a Presidents Circle member you might face long lines and random customer blacklists. I haven’t heard reports of erroneous arrests of customers lately, however. I do find they’re often the cheapest compared to Avis and National, however, and it’s probably better to be a Presidents Circle member than not one if you do rent from the chain.

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  1. Doubt the MC benefit will last if Cap1 and Hertz couldn’t come to an agreement.

    The slow death of Venture X is beginning.

  2. Presidents Circle does NOT grant immunity from false arrests and false police reports. NEVER rent from Hertz. (I have been PC since they started it nonetheless Hertz is a solid NEVER.)

    Why take the risk?

  3. I understand that since making the announcement, Hertz has reported to law enforcement that the Capital One CEO stole one of their cars.

  4. Like the rest, as a VX holder I won’t grieve the loss of this benefit, since, surely, no thinking person would rent from Hertz in the first place.

  5. Remember:

    It hurts to use Hertz!

    I’d wonder if C1 is beginning to distance themselves? Hopefully other companies do too. Then Congress needs to get really close with Hertz and bring some accountability.

  6. The World Elite Mastercard page does say that cardholders are eligible for Hertz President’s Circle status, however:

    1. Unlike the Capital One Venture X process, there is no way to upgrade an existing member.

    2. The enrollment page for new members just brings you to the standard enrollment page for base Gold members, and then you are left to fight it out with Hertz to try to get them to honor the published upgrade YMMV.

  7. I was able to get my Hertz account completely deactivated. Until Gary reports that Hertz is safe to rent from, I don’t take the chance that their incompetent tech systems and staff get me arrested because they are incapable of tracking their own cars. If the only car available is a car from Hertz, there is no car available.

    If some are dropping the Venture X over this, so be it. More space for the rest of us in the quite good lounges CapOne is building out. I find the card to be a solid value.

  8. This isn’t a loss for VX cardholders because nobody would rent from Hertz if they knew any better. Honestly, this is good for Cap1… Being associated with Hertz absolutely diminished their brand.

  9. Not sure why all the bad vibes about Hertz. I just rented from Hertz twice; five days in San Francisco and 7 in Los Angeles. I am a President Circle member and got to choose my car in both rentals. No problem at all.

  10. Why would any sane person want to do business with Hertz ??

    With all the nightmare stories about their customer service, this company should be avoided.

    And Gary, STOP writing positive reviews of Hertz. You’re following a double standard when you do.

    Not the best thing for a frequent flyer writer.

  11. Gary, the World Elite Mastercard upgrade offer is NOT for US Citizens, but rather: “This promotion applies to Middle East and Africa MasterCard World Elite Cardholders residents in: Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Namibia, Nigeria, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and United Arab Emirates.” Update your blog, you are posting misinformation.

    You can add Marriott Ambassador Members and Accor Platinum and Diamond status members however, both of which receive Free Hertz President’s Circle upgrades.

  12. @DaveS

    It’s the only car left is from Hertz. There is still Uber and Lyft, local taxis, public transit, Greyhound, and of course hitchhiking and showing your TSA PreCheck as confirmation that you are safe, just like he recommended on the article about dating. (Which is why I still wish. They actually gave us some form of photo ID for TSA pre-check confirmation.)

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