Cash Back for Liking American Express on Facebook

Via Carol, if you ‘like’ the American Express Facebook page then you can take advantage of their “Link, Like, Love” promotion: link any Amex card and then you can register for a bunch of different offers including receiving a $40 statement credit for $100 Sheraton spend on the card by the end of August and a separate $40 statement credit for $100 Westin spend by the end of August.

There are a few others that may be useful depending on your interest, $5 back on $20 spend at Whole Foods or maybe there’s some non-zero chance of spending $25 at Outback Steakhouse by August 18.

I do see $15 off $50 at 1-800-Flowers, presumably you could do a $50 order with full mileage earning through one of the shopping portals, and all that Amex sees is that you’re spending $50, and you’ll get $15 back. While the offer does say “cannot be combined” it doesn’t seem as though that would mean couldn’t be combined with mileage or cash rebates through online shopping portals.

You can sign up for as many offers as you’d like (keep clicking more offers down at the bottom of the list). So sign up for all of them just in case you spend $10 at Dunkin’ Donuts or $75 at H&M.

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  1. this promo requires the authorization of amex app to your personal account information.

  2. I just get a blank page after I’ve authorized Amex to use all my personal information. Third straight Facebook bust from this otherwise excellent blog.

  3. Worked fine for me. However didn’t see any Sheraton offer, see the Westin, and all the others mentioned, and whole load of online coupons.

  4. Great find…worked like a charm for me. you just have to reload the page (don’t just click on ‘see more deals’) to get the Sheraton offer to load.

  5. Allowing ANY platform apps to run on your FB account is an excellent way to get hacked and start spreading nasty stuff.

  6. Everything worked fine for me. Signed up for a dozen or so of these deals. Not sure how many I’ll actually use, but more than a few.

  7. @mogon I’m pretty comfortable with Amex security standards, and at least as importantly their ability to own consequnces of vulnerabilities in their products.

  8. @John sure but Amex rather already HAS tons of your personal information if you’ve got an Amex card and are thus eligible to participate..

  9. @beachfan seems to work for others so perhaps the issue is on your end, try a different browser or refreshing the page? Not sure what other Facebook busts you’re referencing, I *didn’t* post the recent Starwood point offers for instance… ?

  10. @Gary, it’s not Amex you have to worry about. There are many documented cases of how allowing ANY “platform apps” to run on your FB account will almost guarantee at some point you’ll get attacked and start auto-posting nasty videos, etc. It’s not worth it. FB doesn’t much care, because they make money when platform apps are on.

  11. I did not get either the Westin offer or the Whole Foods offer – both of which I could definitely use in the next couple of weeks. I did get Sheraton, but for the trips I have planned Westin is a better choice.
    If I do get Westin, I may have to cancel and rebook to be sure.

    The app is incredible slow.

  12. I get the blank screen with a link that doesn’t do anything…too bad since we’ll certainly spend H&M by then.

  13. AMEX is not a worry. We’ve done business with them before and their security practices are insanely thorough. I’m concerned about FB, they’re the weak link here. But the fact that AMEX has OKd the deal eases my mind somewhat.

  14. Whoops, my bad. It’s was another boarding area blogger that posted the oversubscribed facebook offers, is there a way I can edit my comment? Your blog is the best Gary!

    (PS Stuck with explorer for now since I’m on a company laptop while on the road).

  15. Carl,

    Try refreshing the page (don’t just click ‘see more deals’) and you should see other/new offers

  16. Does anyone get this to work with an Citibank issued Amex? It keeps telling me I have to contact my card issuer at the number on the back of the card to ask about the program. My guess is this is not for AmEx network cards, but only for their ISSUED cards.

  17. reid – there is a list of non-AMEX issued cards that are supported in the T&C. Citi is not one of them.

  18. Here’s hoping cash and points are valid for the SPG promotion. Very annoying that they don’t show all the offers on one page…

  19. On another machine, still get a blank page. The comments on Facebook from AMEX give you an address to send info so they can troubleshoot. So far, I’ve been on IE.

    Are there any Starwood or other great deals still out there that would make troubleshooting worthwhile?

  20. I had issues using “Add to Card” / “Confirm” in Google Chrome but it worked fine in IE 9.

  21. I did “like” the page and almost 2 hours later I received emails from at least 5 people telling my taht my FB page was hacked with a video of a half naked woman.

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