Cash-Strapped Airline Is Selling Off Seats Two At A Time

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  1. Thank you Governor Cuomo for a fabulous new and world-class LGA. Now the person who railroaded him out of office has stalled the efforts to make it easier to get there.

  2. The same Cuomo who ordered nursing homes to take in covid infected senior citizens leading to their and the others in the nursing homes deaths – That murderer belongs on death row.

  3. @David Miller
    Lot’s of people made lots of mistakes at the beginning of the pandemic.

    But yes, and the same Cuomo who learned from his mistake and saved 10’s of thousands of lives nationwide by taking charge of the situation unlike our inept president at the time. I m so tired of the morons who bring up the nursing home deaths and ignore what a great leader he was during that time.

  4. Wiley Dog – You poo-pah and call what Cuomo did a “mistake’ – that murderer knew that exposing healthy senior citizens to covid infected senior citizens could/would kill the healthy senior citizens – and you give him a pass. “Great leader”? What a joke – my God, you are an idiot. The facts speak the truth of the matter – Cuomo MURDERED these people and morons like you call him a “great leader”.

  5. Murder – “the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another.”

    Maybe not murder, m’kay there Davie?

    Also, chill dude. This is a travel blog.

  6. David Miller posts the craziest, most insane rants of all the nutjobs who reply to this travel blog. It’s a wonder the sane respondents don’t lose 50 IQ points everytime they are exposed to one of his brain farts. Obviously deprived of oxygen at birth and the love and nurturing of caring parents, one might try and understand the cretin, but, nah – he’s just without peer in the world of fruitcakes.

  7. Like putting people carrying an infectious virus that attacks old people into nursing homes is not intuitively unreasonable. And then messing with the numbers to cover of it. None of which had to do with him being forced from office on grounds of being touchy-feely.

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