Chaos At Atlanta Airport As Gun Went Off At TSA Checkpoint

There was briefly a ground stop at the Atlanta airport as a loud bang caused mass chaos and mistaken reports of an active shooter on Saturday afternoon. The sound was an accidental discharge from a gun, but it appears no one was harmed.

Here are scenes from the chaos.

Reportedly the gun discharged near a security checkpoint around 1:30 p.m. Eastern time and TSA screnners yelled “he’s got a gun” sending passengers into a panic.

Several years ago TSA screeners ran through New York JFK terminal 8 yelling about a bomb and a shooting victim, when it was just passengers clapping at Usain Bolt’s performance in a race.

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  1. I question if there are people too stupid to own a firearm. You might have the right to be stupid but I have a right not live near you.
    Let’s support 20 years mandatory sentences for life endangering stupidity. Possession of a loaded firearm at a TSA checkpoint should be a minimum of 5 years hard prison time.
    Our country is dangerous because more and more Americans are mentally incompetent. Too bad the accidental discharge wasn’t into the owners foot.

  2. I agree about the mental incompetence. Who did the shooting, though? Was it a TSA agent or passenger? I don’t want to assume without more facts. The first headline is usually not completely correct.

  3. @Paul Let’s just make stupidity a capital offense, you would apparently be one of the first to be put out of society’s misery.

  4. It has been reported in national media that this was a passenger’s firearm that was in a bag/luggage going through a TSA checkpoint. When either the TSA officer or passenger went to remove it the firearm discharged accidently. People who bring their firearms to the airport like that should be fully prosecuted and lose all future rights to have firearms. They clearly can not store them safely and either don’t keep proper track of their firearms or even worse intentionally try to sneak them on planes. People like this make it more difficult for lawful and responsible gun owners who do follow the laws.

  5. The Georgia “Guns Everywhere” law passed in 2014 specifically allowed guns in the TSA lines and elsewhere in the airport. You just can’t carry a gun through the checkpoint. Carrying a loaded aisle rifle through the ATL terminal is allowed and has been done by several people.

  6. @Paul got this one right. Once the idiot was released from prison, he should receive a lifetime No-Fly membership for any flight traveling to or from the USA.

  7. Turns out to be a convicted felon that brought the gun to the airport and fled. I’m worried though that the TSA folks seemed to panic. Should they be running toward the danger if someone is shooting at an airport?

  8. Thinking of tsa in this situation I’m reminded of Seinfeld when George pushes the grandmother over to escape a fire risk…

  9. Amazing as usual the anti-gun nutbags are so quick to jump to stomp on everyone’s rights to make themselves feel better and the guy turns out to be a felon. You keep claiming guns are the problem, all you have to do is look at New Hampshire. They have constitutional carry, anyone who is not a felon or ajuticated incompetent can carry open or concealed with no permit, no checks, as a RIGHT and the state was just voted the safest state in the nation again! The rest of the nation should take note of how it works in NH, stop putting up with stupid people in society and spare everyone else the trouble they cause.

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