United Flight Attendants Union: Don’t Offer Service, It’s Not Because We’re Lazy

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  1. If my seat opponent orders an alcoholic pre departure beverage I know he’s an alcoholic and a moron.

  2. “United Flight Attendants Union: Don’t Offer Service, It’s Not Because We’re Lazy”

    So what *Hypocrisy* do we have, here? The “powers that be” first tell us that COVID-19 “vaccines” are going to save the world, but now that (purportedly) “all” United staff have been “vaccinated,” those same “powers that be” start telling us that it’s *still* not safe for flight attendants to engage in a bit more “interactions” with premium passengers that paid a whopping extra amount of $$$ to fly F/J fare? Furthermore, if their continuing claims about face mask efficacy is true, then are those flight attendants *not* already wearing their face masks while “interacting” with all passengers? Trying to have it both ways, as usual, huh?

    To me this smacks of 100% LAZINESS in trying to hide behind that “Mask” of “Heath Safety” (pun intended)!

  3. @GLN2LW – what do you mean? Please explain? Preflight most people in first order a drink (alcoholic). You can have your views on drinking but PLEASE don’t impose those on others and certainly doesn’t mean we are alcoholics.

    While I can understand non-drinkers thinking, incorrectly, that anyone who orders a drink is a drunk where you get thinking they are “morons”?


  4. Enough is enough. COVID is clearly endemic and not going to vanish despite our most virtuous signaling. If FAs or pax are truly serious about not contracting COVID, they’d be wearing a fit-tested N95 and going about their lives. Anything else is mere theatrics.

  5. Congress shocked that the money they throw every which way doesn’t produce the results they expect? They are self-righteous fools. So much money wasted at the public trough and its going to be worse with their new endeavors. What a crazy world we live in.

  6. Wearing masks and social distancing are just control issues. Politicians and bureaucrats want to see how far they can push the envelope before we revolt. They’re having lots of fun at the expense of the population. They can’t believe they pulled this off and scared the hell out of everybody (except those of us with a brain) so people will do whatever they’re told. I have my first flight next month wearing a mask. If it’s a negative experience, the airlines will never see another dime from me until I can enter an airport and sit on an airplane normally. If my ‘future flight credits’ run out, I’ll file a lawsuit to get a refund. I have had it with morons ruining our lives.

  7. Re: Pre-departure drinks for premium passengers vs. flight attendants/unions

    Here’s a thought — during the flight check-in process, whether online or at the airport check-in counter, why not ask the premium passenger what pre-departure drink is desired (if any), and have that already placed inside the F/J seat pod *before* passenger boarding even begins? Just warn premium passengers that their drinks are already placed so that they don’t inadvertently knock those glasses over when stowing their carry-on items.

    A Win-Win for flight attendants to “hide” from boarding passengers and for those passengers with F/J seats to skip the wait for their pre-departure drinks once on board!

    Costs nothing to implement and makes both sides happy! 🙂

  8. Reminds me of the restaurants in airports. Covid free zones, no mask required, but step one foot into the walkway presto all of a sudden covid is rampant.

    How is the general population still ok with this? It’s pure lunacy. Now we have governments (legit, like the UK) saying someone won’t be “vaccinated” unless you’ve had the shot within the past six months. In the US there are places where it is illegal to serve someone food if they don’t show you a vaccine card.

    Does the general population realize this is never going to stop until people start putting their feet down and draw a line in the land? Enough is enough. Big surprise, there is no way to control a highly contagious virus that was (knowingly!) transported all over the world for several months.

  9. They are there for professional excellence in safety and emergencies
    They aren’t your personal bar maids.Keep them dehydrated unless they are willing to pay more onboard

    Says the unnamed United Executive

  10. Spotting Americans: another case of “let Reddit write the article for me”.
    Yes, it’s disorienting for me to come into the US and find that people will just randomly talk to me all the time. I’m cool with it — it’s even fun — but it ain’t how it works everywhere else.
    Clothing is your best bet for identifying country of residence. Even if an American is of “normal” weight, the higher incidence of overweight and obese people is reflected in the threads: looser cuts that are more flattering to our ample dimensions.
    And the white socks. Ties without jackets.

  11. In other words, the airline that has been most aggressive in firing employees that won’t get vaccinated can’t get its own employees to believe in the efficacy of covid vaccines.

    given that United’s CEO just mocked every other airline for their operational performance while touting its own, maybe Kirby can explain why United is now right alongside American and Southwest in regularly having a list of cancelled flights at the beginning of every day.

    Maybe pre-departure drinks don’t really matter when thousands of passengers have had their flights cancelled.

    Somehow Alaska and Delta don’t show up on that list and still beat United (and American and Southwest and JetBlue) in on-time when the end of the day comes.

  12. How to spot a European in the states. They are critical of everything Americans do and think they do it better. The have terrible teeth and body odor. They think they can take 2 hrs to sit at a table at McDonalds because they bought one shake for their family to share. They wear clothes that do not match or are out of fashion. They drink wine with every meal like it is water.

  13. The couple with the corgi… IDIOTS you need to keep your pets at home they do not need to see people off at the airport or go to home depot

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