Cheaper Access To American’s Flagship First Dining

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  1. @Gary, when this came out I thought that AA would get Zero takers @ $150US, although, as you accurately observed at the time, the value largely depends on how much Krug one can drink in a visit (n.b., the First Class dining rooms are only provided half bottles of Krug by my observation).
    $100US may yet be a bit steep, although the food in the dining rooms I have been to (LAX and DFW, LAX best) is really very good.
    My guess is the sweet spot will be somewhere in the $75 to $80 range. One should not forget that anything realized is incremental revenue for AA since the only marginal cost is food and adrink.
    Which brings me back to my first question: Just how much Krug can you drink in a visit?
    Since I love Krug and it’s not desperately strong in alcohol the answer is, quite a bit… 🙂

  2. @Woofie- I actually think $100 seems right. They can’t sell it too cheaply or it’ll be overrun and no longer even a similar product. Would be nice if they open it up to more passengers though, of course this is just a test at the moment.

  3. Regarding the train stations in Germany. They do have very good food offerings. I remember coming home and going to a subway and thinking “Geez, this stuff sucks compared to a sandwich at a train station in Germany”. I wish we had more real food and less over processed deli meats.

    And pretzels are good snack food 24/7 (not healthy but tasty).

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