The JetBlue Flight Attendant Who’s A Dead Ringer For Meghan Markle

Thirty two year old JetBlue JFK-based flight attendant Christine Mathis says she first started getting confused for Meghan Markle in 2011 when passengers would say she ‘looked like that girl from Suits‘ on USA. It picked up when Markle married Prince Harry. She says passengers would ask her why she was working as a flight attendant after marrying a royal?

Now that they’ve been in the news constantly over Megxit she’s signed on with a talent agency as a professional lookalike.

The stewardess admitted that she sees a “resemblance” between herself and Prince Harry’s wife, citing the mixed-race heritage that both women share.

“Meghan and I are both mixed-race – my dad is African American and Italian and her mom is African American,” she explained.

Don’t go booking JetBlue flights in hopes of the next best thing to the Duchess of Sussex: Mathis is is in a long-term relationship with warehouse supervisor Pablo Smith, and they have a two year old daughter.

“A lot of men do stop me to tell me I look like Meghan and use it as a kind of chat up line, which is bizarre, but I’m very happy with my boyfriend.

Here’s more of flight attendant Mathis from her Youtube channel:

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  1. So there are passengers believing that this actually is Meghan, now ‘ on her uppers‘ , moonlighting as a FA? Even in America, surely that’s a stretch….

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