Chelsea Clinton Champions Egregious CEO Pay At One Of The Worst Travel Companies

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  1. No CEO deserves that amount. In my world no CEO is worth more than $1,000,000 a year. There are only 24 hr. in a day! One reason I love Costco.

  2. @Christian

    “Anything that brings light to the criminality of the modern day left is trolling”

  3. @koggerj – Puerile and lacking independent thought. That’s a negative, Ghost Rider.

  4. There is nothing illegal about Chelsea Clinton doing what board members and special company board-designated committees do: giving the company CEO what the CEO wants so as to stay in the good graces of the quasi-incestuous world of being on company boards and getting on more company boards to get more money themselves. She’s playing the American game as it’s long been played by the well-connected economic aristocracy. Sadly, this is business as usual in the country.

    Laundering money? That’s been part of former Clinton-buddy Trump’s business, but this Expedia thing isn’t it.

  5. Poor Chelsea … with her parents, she’s lucky that she can put together a coherent sentence. It must have been an incredible struggle to grow up with those two cretins. Some may not know that this current infestation of executive pay had a very obvious start. It’s not the executives’ fault you see. Someone had the bright idea years ago to tie executive compensation to stock price, that was the end of sanity in the board room. All of America’s executives probably celebrate that person’s birthday.

  6. Christian,

    The credibility of the claim about the “criminality of the modern day left” shoots itself full of bullets from an AR-47 when such talk is coming from the supporters of that con-man-in-chief Trump that they wanted as President. Trump was a crooked scumbag before being President, as President, and even after being President. It should be no surprise that Trump was partying buddies with Jeff Epstein and Bill Clinton, but what speaks volumes is that the Trump supporters still supported — even voting for — Trump after being presented with clear evidence of his scummy ways and associations.

    The Lord Trump worshippers don’t care about legality and morality when it comes to what their idol has done, was doing and is doing, but when it’s the “political opposition” they are like rabid dogs with their barking on legality and morality.

  7. Huey Judy,

    Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton are both highly intelligent individuals. Unlike with your Lord Trump, both Clinton’s got into and graduated from good universities on their own merits without rich sugar daddy giving them a boost in sleazy ways and were not thought of as sub-performers in school. Your Lord Trump was a mental and academic loser even as a privileged princeling.

    Chelsea Clinton turned out smarter than I expected her to be. Smarter than that Ivanka Trump friend of hers. But she also had all the advantages of an Ivanka Trump and then some.

    By the way, I hope to never see another Clinton running for political office.

  8. GUWonder – you’re mumbling. Take the Clinton cock out of your mouth and try again.
    Bob – get back to your socialist street sweeper job or whatever it is you have, you petty little jealous twerp.

  9. The government goes after people for making a few bucks because companies have incompetent management and supervisors that allow this to happen but ignores 40 million violent criminals who come from the southern border and teachers grooming 6 year olds in schools. This shows us the priorities of the evil government.

  10. Fred and CEB are compromised characters with their perverted political stance and imagination. But ain’t America great with its cast of Trump-supporting characters who are such cartoons that Disney has competition from them.

  11. The ORD pedestrian tunnels being spruced up is a nice thing. They had started to remind of the dingy parts of the old DCA back around the time when Chelsea Clinton had become Rush Limbaugh’s awkward girl of choice to mock on his shows.

  12. Chelsea still has an ugly horse face, no matter how much money she has she’ll always look like she does.

  13. At least she’s not oh so obese and orange like your Lord Trump, KoggerJ(ealous).

  14. @GUwonder

    I don’t care what any conservative leader does as long as it advances our freedom. George Washington didn’t care about the King’s laws. Conservatives will always fail until they realize there is no honor in obeying what their enemy defines as law. Trump was a bad leader because he failed to do what he is accused of but proved to be incapable of doing. He’s all talk and no action. Trump was the best thing for the left except if someone emulates him but actually follows through. Yes, I don’t support any system that gives you a vote or voice over any conservative.

  15. Remember when the Clintons were just a semi-broken political couple from Arkansas. Now their daughter has worked so hard pulling herself up by her own bootstraps and is worth over $50 million.

  16. Take politics out of the equation. If the company is privately held…then the company can pay the employees whatever compensation the company wants. If the general public doesn’t like it…then don’t patronize that company. Don’t whine about something that’s none of your business. If the company is publicly held, then the stockholders can vote on compensation. The most votes on executive compensation wins. The stockholders can sue, too. Again, if the general public doesn’t like it…then don’t patronize that company. When The Coca-Cola Company became the “Woke-A-Cola” Company, I ceased buying their products and sold my stock. My protest didn’t make a dent in their value but I wrote the CEO and expressed my dissatisfaction with his corporate mouth. “Stick to making the best products that the company is capable of and stay out of politics.”

  17. The tunnels @ O’Hare used to have people movers, now removed, because the skills to maintain them have been lost.

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