China Shows Us Air Travel Won’t Recover Quickly

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  1. Agree with Omar.
    I’ve been *shocked* by the level of fear that has been beaten into even the most reasonable of my friends. They are only now, in June, starting to get on planes, and they are all nervous.

    (then, the one who flew yesterday texted and said, ‘yeah, that was no big deal’….. duhhh!)

    I’ve said I expect US to hit 1M pax a day July 1st. (that would be like 40% or so).

    And hopefully July and August, being busy summer travel, will get us to 75-80% of normal.
    Fingers crossed for us all that Q1 2020 and beyond is 95-100% normal.

    But, man, don’t underestimate the fear that has been forced on people for months now.
    I’ve never seen anything like it, and I’m sad to report many people still believe it (although they are learning the truth now)

  2. I’m not so sure China is a good comparison. Every country has it’s biases. This is sort of like comparing the use of electric fans in South Korea v the US (they kill you by chopping up the oxygen molecules, right?)

    Besides, every American can afford to get a pilot’s license and fly private.

  3. Fear is not keeping me off planes. The lack of acceptable in-flight service is keeping me off planes.

  4. I hear from more and more businesses that when they find out people have traveled and not gone into quarantine afterwards, they will be fired on the spot.
    Do you really want to jeopardize your career by traveling this summer??

  5. That Hyatt in Buffalo is a compete dump. It’s no wonder they want it gone from the brand.

  6. @ George — I can’t wait to see how wrong you are. It will be like watching trump.

  7. @Gary – Have you noticed that no matter what you post about, somebody has to rip Trump in the comments? You could do “Bali is so beautiful in the Spring.” and somebody will comment something like “I can’t wait to see stupid Trump supporters crying in the Spring when he isn’t the President anymore!”

  8. @Doug – maybe because on his order yesterday, he tear gassed and rubber bullet-shot peaceful protesters just to clear a path to a church for a photo op, holding up a bible like it was his first time (likely so)…it’s fascism and dictatorship right before our eyes. Feel free to bury your head in the sand.

  9. Positive that UA-NYC was one of the rioters. Smash a window, grab a Rolex, sell it on the street. Voila, UA-NYC has enough money for a trip. Disgusting creeps like UA-NYC make me sick. UA-NYC is showing himself to be end of civilization types.

  10. If the “Crown Prince” had flown EK – was likely for publicity for EK than “belt tightening” – Flying private tends to be reasonably affordable in ME given the staff that usually accompanies and subsidized fuel costs

  11. @Other Just Saying – you are truly, definitively, the scum of the earth.

    Was it you with your Alt Right brethren posing on Twitter as Antifa, I’m thinking? Wouldn’t surprise me. You did claim Patrick Mahomes is a “white quarterback” as we all recall – I’m sure you look quite down on the protests of the past week, and clamour for “the good ol’ days” of the 1950s or so.

  12. And OJS, you clearly aren’t here to participate in the travel community – the one time you tried to be “helpful”, you proclaimed “My Amex Platinum gets me Hertz Gold, which I like” – which is hilarious as Hertz Gold is free to register for on the web site, you don’t need a $550 credit card.

  13. @UA-NYC. You are a disgusting anti-Anti-American who is for rioting. Not ok.

  14. OJS – seriously go fck yourself you fat old twat…or better yet, go back to Thailand for another “trip” that guys of your ilk like to go on.

  15. Are these airline figures kind of like their coffee company that was over reporting the number of coffees sold and had to be delisted from the New York Stock Exchange?

  16. A lot of people are ready for a reopening. Wearing a mask and practicing social distancing will be the norm for years, but we have to get on with our lives. I don’t think foreign tourist travel will rebound for a long time; however, people visiting family and friends will return sooner than a lot think. Personally, I haven’t left NYC and Westchester in 16 months and don’t plan on doing so for at least a year because tourist travel is not worth the risk. If I moved and my parents lived somewhere else, of course I would visit them starting in August. Family is important.


    Police abuse affects us all. We saw the “good guys” just doing their jobs when they arrested people for visiting friends and family on private property during coronavirus. We see cops enforcing gun control, terrorizing motorists for not wearing a seat belt, and perpetrating the war on drugs. However, looting and destroying private property is unacceptable. Those thugs are just as bad as the abusive cops who destroy lives and livelihoods of millions of citizens each year. President Trump is right to condemn the looting and want the national guard sent in to protect citizens who have nothing to do with police abuse. These thugs destroying neighborhoods just brings more devastation to the wrong people.

  17. @Jackson Henderson/Waterson/Wayerson/Aimson/whatever your last name of the day posting here is – no one supports the looting and violence. No one. That’s a sad but fortunately small amount of all the protest activity out there that detracts from legit, true protest.

    National Guard was warranted, yes – gassing and (non lethally shooting) peaceful protesters so you can walk for a joke of a photo op is callous and sickening. Heck, even a few bootlicking Senate Republicans actually had the gall to say…slightly not nice things about Agent Orange.

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