Why Loyalty Programs Need To Reverse Their Devaluations, Not Just Offer Promotions

News notes from around the interweb:

  • Italian Air Force COVID-19 flyover, wasteful – but very cool nonetheless.

  • Why airline loyalty programmes must go back to their roots

    In order to succeed – or at least to stay relevant – loyalty programmes will need to move back to their initial role to win market shares….If the perceived value is too low, passengers will be lost to more price-aggressive competitors.

    So there is a fair chance that those airlines that have devalued their loyalty programme over the past decade will have to act to reverse that trend. And the more successful will be those that do this at a structural level of the programme, rather than on a promotional basis since members will well understand the longevity – and underlying honesty – of both approaches.

  • Paris was my last international city before the pandemic.

  • I walked in on my almost two year old daughter learning how planes fly. She loves pointing to the planes she can see out our window, taking off an landing at the Austin airport. She’s too young to know there are fewer of them now. I’m glad this video exists because it’s better than my explanation of ‘magic’.

  • It wasn’t just a dead cat bounce, or a Memorial Day effect, but don’t forget how close to the bottom we still are.

  • Former American Airlines CEO Bob Crandall says you can get coronavirus on planes though we haven’t traced significant infection spread to aircraft.

    Further, Robert Crandall, a former president and chairman of American Airlines, called [IATA]’s suggestion that onboard infection is unlikely “nonsense, since atmospheric inhalation is the primary means of transmission.”

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  1. NOT gonna happen, especially after most if not all the programs have been selling their pts with a bonus promo. Now if they roll back the devaluations they will have to claw back probably tens of millions of pts and thats not gonna happen

  2. Paris was also my last int’l trip in Jan, my next int’l trip in Mar til cancelled, and likely now my next int’l destination Q1 2021. Will look forward to the return.

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