Chinese Passenger Melts Down, Says He’s A Time Traveler Sent Back To Stop Flight From Crashing

Footage from Chinese social media shows an airline passenger melting down earlier this year. He said he was caught in a “time loop” – this was his sixth cycle through. The flight already crashed, everyone died, but he’s returned to this point and was warning everyone. He said they were destined for the same fate as Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

According to the passenger, one of the crewmembers wasn’t human – she was a robot “who was changing her battery” – and that everyone needed a reset, because their jobs are slavery, and they were being paid money for dark reasons.

The flight was cancelled, too many passengers were freaked out by the incident, and the passenger was arrested and sent to a medical facility for evaluation.

This incident is drawing strong comparisons to the American Airlines passenger earlier this month who deplaned after concerns over someone on board that was “not real.” (Who was also not Carrot Top.)

Maybe there’s just one specter, haunting passengers in both the U.S. and China?

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  1. I’m starting to believe the woman freaking on on the plane. Lots of reports from other people said they say a slanted eyed man and a snake tongue. He couldn’t have been real

  2. Nothing a hard slap in the face wouldn’t fix. Worked in the original “Airplane movie.” Amazing what we now tolerate from nut jobs, apparently they now have “rights” to disrupt everyone.

  3. Very imaginative! This could be a screenplay. Really though, I hope he’s getting the help he needs.

  4. The first thing we should not do is dismiss the claims. Yes, the claims are unlikely but there is a possibility the passenger may be telling the truth. It might not even be what he or she thinks about being a time traveler, it could be a dream or premonition which is real. Again, unlikely but anyone who denies that something is possible is unscientific.

  5. Gary – Is there a reason that the headline notes that the passenger is Chinese? Have you made reference to the ethnicity of a person in any other headline when discussing weird behavior in recent weeks? (If so, almost every story would start with “American passenger melts down….”)

    Are you even 100% sure he’s Chinese?

    Even the story to which you refer in the article is headlined: “American Airlines Passenger Demands Off A Flight, Thinks Man Seated Near Her Is A Ghost”. No ethnicity or race mentioned.

    Not suggesting anything nefarious, Gary, just a blind spot. Possibly aka “unconscious bias”.

    (And readers, please don’t yell at me for being “woke” when I am simply pointing out a fact. Gary can choose to edit if he wishes. No one is going to cry.)


  7. @Joe. Of course Gary has an unconscious bias as he also has an unconscious bias against people who are mentally ill. Very disgusting of his tactics and should apologize.

  8. Why does the person’s ethnicity matter? No other group gets singled out, that i can ever recall

  9. Not every citizen of China identifies as Chinese. And certainly not everyone flying on a Chinese airline is Chinese.

  10. sorry i have to agree with the rest, that’s kind of weird putting the ethnicity in there. i get you don’t mean anything by it, but you don’t know if that person was chinese…

    a better headline would be passenger on chinese airline… etc.

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