Chris Christie Crashes Out On A Plane, Exhausted From Attacking Trump

Chris Christie is never going to be the Republican nominee for President. He hugged President Obama in the late stages of the 2012 Presidential campaign. And after signing onto President Trump’s transition team, he wound up without a role in the government. He’s responsible for sending Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner’s father to prison as a federal prosecutor.

Now he’s back, running in the primaries to scuttle Trump’s bid for re-nomination. In attacking Trump he’s creating an opening for other Republican candidates to do the same, an opportunity they’re missing by standing aside hoping to avoid blows directly from Trump in response. This was the strategy that failed spectacularly in 2016.

Christie alone can’t erode Trump’s popularity enough with primary voters. He’s a great attack dog – he obliterated Marco Rubio in the 2016 primaries. Fox News has finally turned on Trump and that may hurt more than what Christie is doing, but he gets attacks on Trump into the news cycle. And it is exhausting work:

Christie famously fell asleep at a Bruce Springsteen concert (though he claimed he only put his head back and closed his eyes).

Here he’s flying commercial. He doesn’t have his own plane. This is a man who was shopping himself on Cameo. He’s not likely running up $1 million in travel on his Amex this time around. And he’s a better traveler thank his neice.

Frequent flyers though owe Chris Christie a debt. His Bridgegate scandal took down disastrous United Airlines CEO Jeff Smisek.

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  1. I fell asleep in the 9th row at a Bruce Springsteen concert while dating my wife many years ago. Was a long week at work. She hasn’t let me forget it 20 years later. We had a Bette Midler show the following week. Made sure I was well rested as twice may have been the end of that relationship. 🙂

  2. He’s horribly obese therefore his energy level is clearly garbage as well. Unreal that people would consider backing a guy to take care of this nation when he can’t even take care of himself.

  3. He’s got a bridge for sale that leads to New Josiey
    I can’t imagine him getting elected for President but then I said that once about Trump

  4. Some flight attendants are Nazi photo police but this photo is invasive and hostile. So a fat man is tired.

  5. What in God’s name is the point of posting this? Other to make some sort of poltical point?

    Yes, the man is asleep on a plane. So what? What regular traveler hasn’t crashed out on a plane at somepoint?

    “thought leadership” Hah.

  6. Omg a man fell asleep on a plane.

    This article is a bunch of crap, but have fun wasting your vote on Trump.

  7. Trump most likely will never be President and may face jail time but he’s living rent free in so many heads.

    Didn’t care for Trump. I liked his policies for the most part and sometimes he is funny af responding to a reporter but I can’t stand the constant media attention.

  8. Look, I get it: a whole day of sucking up to the media, ripping Trump for anything you can think of, downing a combination of snacks from the green room followed by multiple versions of the hamburger can be exhausting. Especially when the last exercise you got was in 2012 when you had to get up on your tippy toes to embrace Obama. So yes, sleep and let all of that cholesterol settle out where it belongs.

  9. Bullcrap. Listen to the FULL NH townhall meeting. See if you are not impressed. Questions taken from an AUDIENCE of voters. Impromptu on the spot HONEST answers (that you may or may not agree with)… Talks about issues that concerns our future. I haven’t heard anyone more impressive. Doesn’t need a monitor or script. His slogans. TRUTH MATTERS and TELL IT LIKE IT IS….is on spot. Is he perfect… No candidate is but it appears that he has learned from his past mistakes..and admits it. My conclusion…

  10. He barely fits in a FC seat. Is he wearing a seatbelt? Sure he would need an extender or two.

  11. He seems to have that fat man ability to keep his head immobile on a portable pillow of blubber.

  12. All of your politically oriented sentences in your 1st paragraph (except for the 1st sentence) are exactly why this life long Republican would vote for Chris over a soon to be convicted felon. BTW, please keep your political views out of your articles and I’ll keep my replies to myself.

    At least he is not sleeping with his mouth open like Mitt was caught doing on a plane…

  13. Gary, if by promoting this MAGA ‘investigative reporter’ you are showing your own loyalty to Trump, then adios to you and your column. There is no other logical conclusion to draw.

  14. Domino– And trump is in great shape!!!! trump is the McDonalds hamburger king, that is really taking care of that old body, just 3 or 4 years younger than Biden. And trump doesn’t have any smarts.

  15. Folks who think this is somehow pro-Trump, or that I somehow am? I think I’ve been clear and consistent in my views on Trump since 2015, no?

  16. Wow, brave call revealing your preference for president, especially when it’s a buffoon like Trump.

  17. Even if Gary supported Trump, that is his right. Something people on the left side of the equation dont believe should be a right anymore. Anyone who has an independent thought is a racist, misogynist, colonizing, climate destroying MAGA.

  18. Thanks for the heads to follow Heather Mullins! didn’t knew about her.

    I just love how in the first picture the deranged Chris is on the left, and that beauty is on the right side of History.

  19. Disappointing to see you post this.

    Would this be deserving of a post without the photo, if it was just someone who tweeted “Chris Christie was asleep in his F seat on my flight today”?

    If not, the only point was to show the unflattering pic. (And as its own post, not even a round-up item). We’ve all fallen asleep on planes, and few of us look good when that happens.

    You’re usually better than this.

  20. I am not from the United States and am not familiar with the intricacies of the political figures being discussed. But for this to be a post on a site by the “foremost experts in the field of miles, points and frequent business travel” is a sign of the fall of our civilisation.

    I’m off to find informative travel websites.

  21. @wesley, it’s his right sure, but it’s not the point of this site as I understand it. He can change the purpose of this site and a few of us who come for articles on points and miles will stop visiting.

  22. Being a phony 24/7 while hauling that obese body around has got to be exhausting.

  23. Just the fact that these comments are talking about voting for these retread drop shots, tells me we have the stupidest country on the planet. Can you not see that the social contract has been broken and you have been taken over by pedophile satanist? Act like it!!! Have some basic self-preservation. Establishment Republicans block the rednecks and Patriots from any type of leadership and now they’re over in the corner peeing on their self.

  24. Springsteen, is way overrated. I can understand falling asleep at his concert..

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