Clever Way To Get Attention For Your Lost Items On A Plane [Roundup]

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  1. Seriously, someone risked a $10K fine and possibly jail time to sneak two butter knives on a plane?

    Probably should have just stuck them in her purse. At least then she if could say it was a mistake if they were found.

  2. Let’s go Brandon is indeed very much a thing with everybody – especially after the feeble old fart himself said it the other day.

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    PS: by the way have you recently checked the approval rating for your hero in chief. Lower than any other president in recent memory.

  5. @Joe
    I have one for you. “Let’s go Chump”. Altogether now “LET’S GO CHUMP”. This is of course for all the Chump Fools that voted for the lying, scientific genius a-hole of the world. Say Joe how old is Chump now?

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