Southwest Airlines Pilot Insults Joe Biden, Announces “Let’s Go Brandon”

The Republican code-meme for ‘screw the President’ has recently become “Let’s Go Brandon!” It started October 2 at Talladega Speedway when NASCAR driver Brandon Brown. When he won, and was being interviewed by a reporter from NBC, the crowd was chanting behind him “F- Joe Biden.” The reporter thought they were saying, “Let’s Go Brandon!”

And so “Let’s Go Brandon” has taken on the meaning that the NASCAR crowd intended, and has been used by Florida Representative in a speech on the floor of the House of Representatives, South Carolina Represenative Jeff Duncan wore a “Let’s Go Brandon’ mask at the Capitol. And it’s been retweeted by Mitch McConnell’s press secretary.

Now that it’s become a thing, a Southwest Airlines pilot made “Let’s Go Brandon” the end of his welcome on board announcement on a Friday morning flight from Houston to Albuquerque. Some passengers reacted with “audible gasps.”

According to Southwest Airlines,

[Southwest] takes pride in providing a welcoming, comfortable, and respectful environment” and…“behavior from any individual that is divisive or offensive is not condoned.

An Associated Press reported happened to be on the flight, and almost got kicked off the aircraft seeking comment from the pilot about the announcement. She happened to be working on a story about the “Let’s Go Brandon” meme and points out that former President Trump, who will merchandise anything from vodka to steaks, now sells,

a $45 T-shirt featuring “Let’s go Brandon” above an American flag. One message to supporters reads, “#FJB or LET’S GO BRANDON? Either way, President Trump wants YOU to have our ICONIC new shirt.”

By the way a passenger recently had American Airlines page “Let’s Go Brandon.”

Five years ago a United Airlines pilot announced that everyone had to keep politics off the plane. Passengers cheered. No matter your feelings about silly memes or the President of the United States, there are some places where we should be left alone. Stuck in a metal tube, you can’t escape a pilot’s politics.

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  1. Libbies can’t say anything after the last four years of their “resistance”… And when airlines and companies put all their BLM propaganda in full display. BLM is a terrorist group targeting police

  2. @Kdogger — How dare black people want to have equal voting rights and not to be shot by police for no reason. Clearly, they should all be locked up for terrorism.

  3. @Gene

    Vaccines may provide protection against severe illness and death, but this protection wears off relatively quickly, unlike with vaccines for measles, which is also a far deadlier disease. If your primary concern is about vaccinating to prevent death, why should it be any of your concern whether someone else is unvaccinated? His choice, his risk of death. Vaccines don’t prevent infection and spread. The data are “interesting?” What if the vaccine actually works against ending the pandemic? You can’t possibly claim to know what the long term results of mass vaccination will be. Nothing like this has ever been done before. Anyone who says otherwise is either lying or delusional. Please read up on antigenic original sin and COVID-19 vaccines.

    I was specifically talking about the deranged partisanship of folx like Jorge Paez and UA-CCP, but it seems that you are not so far removed from them. If Trump really was such an awful authoritarian bent on destroying American democracy, why is he no longer in office? For as despicable a person Trump might be, he didn’t start a new war. Biden and his ilk have done far more to hurt America than Trump ever could with his mean words and perfect phone calls. The War on Drugs and the War on Terror have wasted more treasure and ruined more lives than anything Trump could have dreamed of doing. How was it that the nasty bigot Trump increased his share of votes among minorities and gays in 2020? Of course, “progressives” think they know better than the deplorables and don’t think the Constitution should get in the way of forcing them to follow their beliefs. Keep thinking that the Senator from MBNA really has the little guy in mind.

    If you think BLM is really about equal voting rights (which blacks already have) and keeping black folx from getting killed by police (whites are actually more likely to be killed), you should read some books and educate yourself. Their board has a literal Marxist domestic terrorist in Susan Rosenberg (as opposed the LARPers from 1/6), not to mention the politics of the founders.

  4. @ cargocult — I am part of a large black family and live in the South. You have no clue what you are saying about voting rights or police violence against black people. Try watching something other than FoxNews.

  5. Please Gary, QUICK, post something about POINTS AND MILES ! AA must have done something studid over the weekend? Someone must have announced a new card or retention bonus or available reward seats……. Please !!!!!

  6. FJB! ..he’s a puppet for the commie party. He can’t even poop in the toilet, he poops his pants and falls asleep during conferences. Everyone knows what he is but he’s a useful puppet to them.

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