Comment Here And You May Win a Briggs & Riley TORQ Bag

I’m a Briggs & Riley fan, my usual carry on is their Baseline CX bag. They’ve made a splash over the past month with a new bag, and I’ve arranged a giveaway.

As I explained earlier today, I’ll have a different Briggs & Riley bag to give away next week as well (different bags for different reasons, they’ve “got your business and leisure covered” as it were).

The Briggs & Riley TORQ is a departure from just functional offering a stylish hard shell that I think looks great (although it’s extra-reinforced to prevent damage, so functional too).

It has an extra wide wheel base to prevent tipping when overstuffed, and it’s a four wheel spinner for easy transport through the airport.

And it comes with Briggs & Riley’s unrivaled lifetime guarantee.

This time we’re going to try something different. Instead of answering one question, I’m going to ask you to answer two to be eligible to win.

  • Do you have different bags for different seasons?
  • Do you have different bags for different missions – such as vacation travel and work?

Here are the rules:

  • You need to have answered both of those questions in your comment to this blog in order to be entered.

  • You may enter up to once per day — and I give you a bit of slack in this, I won’t disqualify any entry as long as you don’t make more than one entry per calendar day or as long as no entry is closer than 24 hours together from another one. And if you’re close, we’re cool. I’m not looking to disqualify people, just to make sure there’s no massive ballot stuffing.

  • All entries (comments) must be received no later than Thursday, June 6 at Noon Eastern time.

  • I will draw a winner at random in the days following the close of the contest from those that meet these guidelines. Make sure you provide a valid e-mail address when entering to be eligible to win (you do not need to leave an email address in the comments, but along with your name where it asks for your email that email must be ‘real’ or I will have no way of contacting you).

  • The winner acknowledges that this is a prize and is not for resale.

  • I’m the final arbiter in all matters related to this contest and in all matters of interpretation. There is no appeal. I’m doing this because there’s an opportunity to send out a pretty cool high-end bag, and not taking anything in return, so please don’t give me a hard time in the process.

Any questions? E-mail me. And hopefully the winner will also follow up with me to let me know their impressions of the bag. It looks great!

Hit the comments of this post to enter!

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  1. I do not have different bags for different seasons, but I do have different bags for different missions.

  2. No change in bag for seasonal differences.

    Yes, I do use a different bag for different tasks like work compared to leisure.

    Would love a new bag!

  3. 1. I use the same bag for both seasons.

    2. I use the same bag for vacation but also supplement with an additional bag


  4. I don’t have different bags for different seasons.

    My work and leisure luggage is interchangeable. Between my wife and I we can usually mix and match what we need for a trip. That is now being thrown off traveling with a 1 y/o though…

    fingers crossed!

  5. I do not use different bags for different seasons, but depending on the purpose of the trip do have different bags. I have a combination backpack/rollaboard for 1-2 night business trips, a soft Rick Steves carry-on sized bag for longer trips and vacations, and a gargantuan American Tourister suitcase for those trips where cargo size really matters.

  6. I usually use the same bag throughout the year on my travels.

    For leisure, I go with a 40L backpack, and for business I use a mini briefcase.

  7. I have the same travel bags for all seasons. I vary it depending on the length of the trip and destination.

    For work I usually bring a smaller bag, even a small duffle, and for longer vacations I have a shoulder bag and a suitcase, and I pick from those depending on how much I’m bringing. Right bag, right job!

  8. 1) Same bag for all seasons.

    2) Work bag is small so I don’t need to check it, vacation bag is big, so the ‘boss’ has more real-estate to pack her things.

  9. 1. I use the same bags for all seasons, and even if I’m traveling to two places with opposite temps, I’ll just pack one bag.

    2. If it’s a work trip and I’ll have someone handling my bags for me, I use a rolling bag. If I know that I’ll be doing a lot of walking, then I go for a backpack style. … Although sometimes I check in a rolling bag so I can haul back a ton of treats for my family and friends. 🙂

  10. I don’t have different bags for different seasons as I use a hardshell that work for all seasons. The B&R Torq is something I have been waiting for though.

    I typically use the same type of bags for business or vacation, although I use smaller hardsides for business as the trips are shorter

  11. No, except for ski bags, all luggage is Briggs and Riley, from Vermont skiing to tropical Cruising.
    Yes, I have a work bag, Red Oxx, used as a briefcase, all the rest is Briggs and Riley, except a Stahlsac scuba bag for dive gear. This new Torq series looks awesome! I have the Baseline and can’t wait to see this new line in person!

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