Man Bites Dog: American Won’t Reject its Citibank Co-Branded Contract in Bankruptcy

No surprise for readers of this blog, but American has filed with the bankruptcy court to “assume on a final and irrevocable basis” its agreements with Citibank, its credit-card partner.

“For the avoidance of doubt, the Debtors [American, parent AMR, et al.) irrevocably and as of the date hereof waive any right to seek to reject the Citibank Agreements unless the Plan is withdrawn or the Court refuses to enter the Confirmation Order,” the settlement states.

For its part, Citibank promised that it “will not object to confirmation of the Plan (or any plan of reorganization substantially similar thereto) unless the Plan or such other plan of reorganization differs from the Plan in any manner adverse to Citibank.”

It increasingly seems to be last call to get the US Airways Mastercard.

The best known offer is 35,000 miles and no fee the first year.

This is spelled out in the terms and conditions of the Barclays offer. But it’s a link to an application page only. There have been lots of reports recently where some Barclays application pages to expired offers won’t actually process — you enter all of your information into the application and effectively nothing happens. (If you use the above link, call Barclays to verify that they received your application.)

There is also a 30,000 mile signup bonus for the card which is my referral link, so I know that it works. It doesn’t waive the $89 annual fee the first year though, but is still a great deal ($89 for 30,000 miles, and they come after first purchase so no minimum spending requirement).

And of course the card comes with a $99 companion certificate (up to two companions at $99+tax with purchase of a ticket that has a minimum fare of $250). And also a club pass.

And to be clear, by ‘last chance’ it is not that this goes away in days or weeks but rather the US Airways card is likely to go away as part of the merger, so we’re seemingly entering the last chance period to get it.

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  1. Any idea how long you have to wait to re-open an account? I just closed mine at the end of April.

  2. Docket has been public since last Friday! There is still a rocky relationship between Citi and AMR however… I wonder if AMR will break the contract and pay damages later on down the road if it finds itself in a strong financial position. I know they weren’t too keen on assuming this contract…

  3. I’ld give them a year. Took USbank a long time before the substituted the NWA card with flexperks. No need to panic.

  4. Unfortunately, that companion cert is only good for flights in the lower 48 and Canada, AND, those certs come in pairs, which cannot be separated. Take one companion, the other cert goes to waste. Still, the award miles work out pretty good on travel to Europe. Off peak, 30,000r/t plus $147 fees and taxes.

  5. @ABC I did not mean to imply panic, like this was going to go away in a manner of days. Apologize if I gave that impression, in fact I think I will clarify

  6. Any thoughts on how long the US MC program will continue? You can’t get the US Visa anymore, but I sill get the companion cert (and I assume the 10K PQM conversion is available, but I don’t have enough spend to cover two cards that high). Any chance they will continue the MC and its perks, just not allow new cardholders?

  7. I signed up for a US MC on the morning of the merger (February) and I have since received the bonus miles. I’m thinking about endgame strategy to be able to sign up again right before the card goes away again. Does “time until the next signup” start when I cancel the card or is it time since my last approval? Should I cancel the current card ASAP or wait a couple months since my account is relatively young? Will it matter in the end? Thanks for your advice as always!

  8. Gary,
    Sorry but I do not get what you mean by your headliner “man bites dog”.
    Please clarify.

  9. I think you mean “dog bites man”, right? “Man bites dog” is for something unusual/extraordinary. Aren’t you saying that this was exactly as expected?

  10. @Gary

    I applied for a US Airways card in November 2012 and it is still open. Can I apply for a second card also or should I cancel my current card first? If so, how long do you suggest I wait after cancelling my card?


  11. @Dan and @CHA I applied for my first U.S. Airways Mastercard last August – was approved and received my miles after the spend. Didn’t cancel it, and tried applying for the same card this past April. Was approved for it as well and last month got my 30,000 points posted to my Dividend Miles account. So, not sure the usual “time until next signup” applies for this card. Even if you have a card currently open, it might be worth a try to get a second – and second bonus – before the cards disappear. I’ve heard of others who’ve gotten two cards at the same time, so I don’t believe I’m an anomaly.

  12. Word on the street for these cards has always been roughly 6 months app-to-app for churning, with NO NEED to cancel the first card.

  13. If there are any reports of recent success with that link I’d love to add it. With the way Barclays has been with ‘targeted and expired offers’ and not even processing the apps I would love to know from someone that’s used it successfully in the past couple of weeks? I will then gladly add is alongside the 35k/no fee option (which i believe has been working but may stop at any time without the application disappearing).

  14. To answer Gary/Gary’s questions on the US Airways card, yes I’ve been checking the status of the latest live links routinely to make sure they are still valid, and looking for new ones. I actually just ran another check this week.

    We personally used the 35k offer/no annual fee, back in Feb for my wife with success, but besides knowing the links are still live, we can not say for sure whether Barclays is still honoring them unless someone uses them and reports so accordingly.

    That 40k mile offer listed above comes with an annual fee, not waived. Personally, I don’t think 5k miles is worth the extra $89, and prefer the 35k/no fee alternative.

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