Comment Here And You May Win a Briggs & Riley @work Bag

I’m a Briggs & Riley fan, my usual carry on is their Baseline CX bag. They’ve made a splash over the past month with a new bag, and I’ve arranged a giveaway.

As I explained last week, I have two different Briggs & Riley bags to give away (different bags for different reasons, they’ve “got your business and leisure covered” as it were).

Last week I gave away the hot new TORQ bag.

Of course Briggs & Riley is all about functional luggage, as much as I like the look of the new bags their bread and butter is the business market epitomized by their @work line.

Which of course comes with Briggs & Riley’s unrivaled lifetime guarantee.

Here’s how you can enter to win by commenting on this post. Given the strength of reputation for their guarantee, Answer the following question in the comments:

    Do you worry something is going to happen to your luggage?

Here are the rules:

  • You need to answer the above question in your comment to this blog to be entered.

  • You may enter up to once per day — and I give you a bit of slack in this, I won’t disqualify any entry as long as you don’t make more than one entry per calendar day or as long as no entry is closer than 24 hours together from another one. And if you’re close, we’re cool. I’m not looking to disqualify people, just to make sure there’s no massive ballot stuffing.

  • All entries (comments) must be received no later than Thursday, June 13 at Noon Eastern time.

  • I will draw a winner at random in the days following the close of the contest from those that meet these guidelines. Make sure you provide a valid e-mail address when entering to be eligible to win (you do not need to leave an email address in the comments, but along with your name where it asks for your email that email must be ‘real’ or I will have no way of contacting you).

  • The winner acknowledges that this is a prize and is not for resale.

  • I’m the final arbiter in all matters related to this contest and in all matters of interpretation. There is no appeal. I’m doing this because there’s an opportunity to send out a pretty cool high-end bag, and not taking anything in return, so please don’t give me a hard time in the process.

Any questions? E-mail me. And hopefully the winner will also follow up with me to let me know their impressions of the bag.

Hit the comments of this post to enter!

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  1. I worry about not only my checked bag but my carry on as well. Locks help but aren’t everything.

  2. Never! Luggage is essentially throw-away when you can get a decent carry on for around $30 (thanks Amazon!)

  3. I do worry because my bags have been lost and damaged before and I’ve seen them being put on the plane while its pouring rain!

  4. Today I took a Delta flight from Florida to JFK, and for the first time that I can remember, my bag was the first one to appear on the carousel. So at least for today, I did not worry about my luggage.

  5. I worry…. too much!
    Checking in: it will be overweight.
    Baggage claim: it won’t arrive.
    Customs: that they will want to open it.

  6. I don’t worry; any damage has always been repaired at the airline’s expense and sometimes it is a convenient for them to deliver my luggage to me rather than having to schlep it from the airport.

  7. Of course I worry something is going to happen to my luggage. There’s no accountability or monitoring for baggage handlers and TSA agents so they can get away with anything.

    If I only have a carry-on I’m not nearly as worried.

  8. Yes. I always check my bag…even though I’m a 100k domestic/year traveler. So, my bag sees some rough handling. It has been left on the runway and had to catch a flight the next day to catch up. It has been misrouted and probably has seen more of the world than I. It’s been ripped, torn,smudged….and probably spit on. Sometimes it hold up…sometimes it has to visit the luggage hospital. A quality bag really makes the difference and I’ve had my current one (Boyt) for over eight years. It isn’t pretty, but it is easily recognizable on the carousel

  9. Not damage, but always dread those TSA pieces of paper that means they went though my items…..ugh!

  10. I worry that the TSA will not close my bag properly after their random (??) inspection and things will spill out and get lost.

  11. I worry about my bag only on the way OUT. As I usually don’t put anything worth stealing in my checked bag, and since it can all easily be replaced, I worry only about not having my “stuff” when I get to my destination and the hassle it would cause.

  12. Any time we have to check, I spend most of the flight worried or consoling my husband, because he has terrible luck. Arrive in a foreign country for a long trip to find TSA has inspected his bag and repacked his freshly polished dress shoes inside his (now stained) shirt rather than back in his shoe bags? It’s happened to him.
    That time when you are watching the carousel, silently praying that your bag will appear has to be the longest on any trip.

  13. When I travel I don’t fret that something will happen to my luggage. When I buy luggage I look for pieces that are well built and backed by a good warranty, so if something does go wrong there’s piece of mind to get it fixed.

  14. I typically don’t worry about my luggage. Apart from a few instances of bus / train travel abroad, I’m not usually concerned with carry ons or checked items.

  15. Do you worry something is going to happen to your luggage? We’re going to China!!! Yes I am worried about my side of the road luggage. (means we found what we are using!)

  16. Depends on which airport i’m at. If i’m at an airport where they provide luggage wrap service (Dubai, South Africa, Malaysia) then I am more worried. Otherwise not so much.

  17. I worry that my hand-me-down luggage will bust a zipper, but I don’t usually worry about it getting lost or with having contents stolen.

  18. I only worry that TSA or baggage handlers tamper with the contents, but not the actual bag. I’ve used pretty low-investment bags up to now. With an @work bag, that may change though!

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