Congressman Matt Gaetz Stopped At DFW Airport With A Taser

Congressman Matt Gaetz was stopped at a Dallas – Fort Worth airport TSA checkpoint, where he was found to be carrying a taser. He said he forgot he had it on him, and it was taken and thrown away.

According to the Congressman, he “thanked the TSA agent who found it” and then he gratuitously (and perhaps rather creatively) adds:

  • That the TSA screener gave him a “fist bump” and told him “to secure the border.” (Sure, that happened.)

  • And that he was carrying the taser because he “can’t afford to hire Cori Bush’s husband.” (He’s not that witty in the moment.)

Gaetz did not appear to be sex trafficking any minors at the time he was stopped. A federal criminal probe against him has been dropped on that subject. However new reports are that the House Ethics Committee is investigating him in the matter, and that a friend and co-conspirator is cooperating with the committee. Seems like a great guy.

(HT: @crucker)

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  1. The headline initially sounded like he got stopped BY a taser (I know it says with). I thought that was more funny interpreting it that way. Perhaps a more clarified:
    Got stopped with possession of a taser

  2. It would have been great if TSA tasered him, if anything, to serve him right for being a right-wing jerk. They would have had to be careful that they didn’t inadvertently taser the underage girl he was trafficking at the time

  3. Is this why Cruz wants special TSA service for Congressmen? If nothing else, private boarding would leave these indiscretions out of the public eye. Gaetz handled it well though, but there’s a first time for everything.

  4. I see that this article has brought out some of the sick, brainwashed liberals who are making up crap – as they always do. This comment -” Gaetz did not appear to be sex trafficking any minors at the time he was stopped”.- has nothing to do with this incident. Gary Leff, you are way out of line. I hope you get sued. You and your site are now officially dead to me.

  5. @Gary – Proofread! Gaetz gave the TSA agent a “fist bump” not a “first bump”.

  6. You can’t blame him. He’s just a dawdling old fool with a bad memory……….. wait, my bad, wrong politician.

  7. Why do people always have to announce they’re “leaving” a blog? Just leave. Don’t let the door hit you on the red hat on the way out. #ByeFelicia

  8. they should stop and detain democrats and ship them off to foreign gulags. why are they bothering good men like matt gaetz?

  9. Under Cruz’s proposal I can imagine little or no screening on Legislators so they can all carry.
    @David K, does your mother know you’ve gone off your meds?

  10. If I carry a taser through security, I probably lose access to TSA Precheck. If a sitting congressman does, he just gets to throw it away and move on with his life.

    Also, if Mr. Gaetz wanted to “secure the border” he should probably be vocally supporting the bill that is being put forth to do just that, not fabricating stories about interactions he never had with TSA employees at DFW.

  11. Sorry Jerry but the border bill is utterly useless. It doesn’t include the 30,000 a month that Biden is allowing from the three countries. The trigger is only reached when crossings exceed 5,000 a day for a week and the number of days the border can be restricted is limited. The bill the adds 5,000 more visas month. Militarize the border and once they start stacking up in Mexico then the Mexican government will take some action to stop them in the south.

  12. Two thoughts:

    1. This is evidence that members of Congress should NOT get special treatment at the airport. This shows why the rider to the FAA authorization bill that Gary mentioned yesterday is a terrible idea.

    2. Would a normal person lose Precheck for that type of thing? If so, Gaetz should lose it as well. I am not sure what the rules are for that, but they should apply to Congress exactly the same as to everyone else.

  13. If you happen to have a cute daughter and you see Matt Gaetz or his Lord T-rump, make sure to fly the other way and make sure to keep those lecherous guys away. It is even said that “he likes beautiful women as much” as the former President does, “and many of them are on the younger side.” They aren’t chasing “tail” their own age.

  14. Gary, please, I beg you, leave the politics out of and otherwise informative blog. Your snarky comment is totally out of place.

  15. Remember when members of congress used to foot tap in the men’s room looking for sex? Or when they touched pages under the age of 18. I mean what is it with congress men and airports. where they “behave badly” Just because you go to Mexico while citizens in your home state freeze to death what is wrong with that.

    I mean he does to to Mexico to meet up with the same men and women that Abbot just sent back on a Bus.

  16. @David R Milller; This blog is “dead to me” ?? (great TV series BTW) You’re going? We all know you’re not. Don’t be such a drama queen!
    And that other David, @david k , grow up Charlie Brown; no-one cares that you hate Democrats. AndFYI, Gaetz is an irredeemably evil and damaged human being no matter what his politics are, and is in no way a “good” man.
    And another thing~ please ask someone to show you the Shift key and the CapsLock key on your keyboard. No need to go overboard like your god, T-rump, just use as required.

  17. @david K looks like you have a lot of hate for Americans You should accept people for who they are not for what you think they are.. Do not not think that Republicans are superior to Democrats….. Regan was a Gay Bigot…. and had dementia while in office. Trump is a BULLIE and would be expelled from every school today based on how he acts. He would even be fired himself.

  18. It’s pretty obvious Gary voted for the dementia patient in the oval office who told black people that they aren’t black if they don’t vote for him. I guarantee Gary won’t approve this comment and let it be posted because he knows how much of a hypocritical libtard he is. If you want to bring politics into this then don’t be afraid to confront them with your readers but we all know you won’t do it because you know you won’t be able to respond or defend your very weak and uninformed stances and arguments. Gary literally links to a CNN article where the source is “trust me bro” just like it was with Trump being a Russian agent where the “proof” was completely made up by Hillary Clinton, validated by the Durham report. But we all know democrat voters are the only group of people less intelligent than the people they vote for.

  19. How does a pedophile keep being a congressman? How can a 77 year old rapist with the temperament of a middle school bully possibly become, again, our President? Are we seriously going to re-elect an 81 year old, who thinks he’s the only thing standing between us and the freak show of the aforementioned 77 year old, as our President? These are some of the incredulous questions that float through my mind while sitting on airplane toilets.

  20. I saw the headline and hoped that the guy was getting tazed. Unfortunately misleading headline Gary.

  21. “Ron DeSantis” above, you’re wrong.

    The comment is on full display and it’s factually wrong in multiple ways.

    Señor Leff is of the business-too-friendly cloth that has funded the Republican Party big time. He has done the Republican-loving Koch bros proud in their time and no “libtard”.

    But no one except yourself can stop you from letting your fantasy get in the way of reality.

  22. Yes if you have a young daughter watch out for Gaetz and Trump. Nothing proven of course.

    On the other hand, if you’re Joe Bidens daughter, watch out for Dad taking showers with you. *

    *source: Joe Bidens daughter.

  23. @David R. Miller – “You and your site are now officially dead to me.”

    Great! The collective IQ of the readers of Gary’s blog just went up 30 points.

    (PS: Gaetz is again now – yes NOW ! – under investigation for sex trafficking. David would have known that if he didn’t spend his life in the MAGA echo chamber, and realized that Gary was making an opportune edotorial comment. Such a pearl-clutcher that David R.)

    Maybe the real reason David R is leaving is that he is beginning to realize that carrying the baggage for Trump is getting too heavy to bear.

    91 felony indictments, liable of sexual assault, fraudulent charities, autocratic hero-worship, the Trump open border policy, fiscal ineptitude… it gets heavy. Maybe that is why Atlas Shruged, eh?

    (I would have included racism and misogyny, but David R. has shown that’s a “+” for him.)

  24. Zebriatis – The idiotic content of your asinine post regarding me is a clear indication of the brainwashing that the DemocRats and the lying media have done to you. You and everyone who thinks as you do are what is wrong in America. You are a clear example of the group of people who are less intelligent than the people you vote for – which is saying something. Come November 5, 2024, sane Americans will re elect President Trump. Between now and then I am sure that you will be flapping your ignorant mouth – but no matter what you spew, it will not change what is forthcoming. MAGA 2024

  25. @ David R Miller

    I knew it.

    Congratulations. You’ve proved yourself liar in record time.

    Slink away, scum.

    No one wants your small minded propaganda. And your continued pearl-cluthing and lies.

    You are a tempest in a teacup.

  26. When one says “this site is dead to me”, this indicates a departure.

    Leave. No one like you here.

    Read the comments: people cheered your departure.

    But, like your hero, what you say means nothing. You do not honor your word.

    Today, Feb 10th, is the day you left this site.

    We will continue to remind you that this site is dead to you.

  27. In regards to the border bill, it’s apparent I guess that Senator Jim Lankford must really be a bleeding heart liberal masquerading as a conservative. Or I guess that taking action at the border including hiring more border control personnel isn’t really a pressing matter.
    Anyone waiting for the “perfect” bill to become law are delusional.
    Too many let perfection be the enemy of good.

  28. Zeb (1) – Still waiting for the lies you said I made, (2) definition of “dead to me” – It is the expression of such utter distaste/repulsion for a person or an object that it calls for the personal denial of their/its worldly existence. —- This is my way of saying that Gary Leff no longer is of any consequence to me because of the content he chose to insert that is unproven and was uncalled for. (3) There are many sane individuals who do like what I post – it is brainwashed morons, like you, who have a problem with my truthful postings. (4) Those that you claim cheered my departure are morons similar to you – brainwashed liberals with no concept of reality. (5) As you can see, I have not left the site.

  29. Awww….. and here I was thinking no more high-minded-sounding tripe/garbage from Milly, and he pops up seconds later like that silly jack-in-a box!
    And Milly, when will you realise that voting for Trump is like a turkey voting for Thanksgiving.

  30. @david r miller

    You act like the country was booming under that carpet head obese putz. What was his contribution other than saying the “China Virus” would go away on it’s own?

    Sorry you’re bitter.

  31. Chris- pre covid the U.S. had the world’s greatest economy, the lowest unemployment rate, a great,strong military, no involvement in any wars, low cost energy — here is a list - — and what has brain dead corrupt traitor Biden done? Pull your head out of your a_ _ and look around- and quit being obtuse.

  32. David R Miller~ oops…. there you go assuming things again! Not being an American , and not living in the Ununited States, neither of those duelling senior citizens are ‘my’ president.
    From a distance one can view your political clown show with much greater clarity than you, wallowing around knee-deep in excrement of your own making.

  33. glen t – you have no real idea of the corruption of the DemocRats and the lying media. They have lied for over 7+ years and have been proven liars time and again. America will only become great again after the Nov 5 elections when Americans will vote out the corrupt brain dead Biden and the DemocRats. You really havn’t a clue.

  34. OK, Milly, go ahead and vote for T-rump. (Turkey voting for Thanksgiving syndrome).
    You and your boyfriend are on the hitlist of one of his henchmen-in-waiting for re-education.
    HINT: It won’t be Camp David, and no, you won’t be able to take your Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand albums.

  35. Chris- pre covid the U.S. had the world’s greatest economy, the lowest unemployment rate, a great,strong military, no involvement in any wars, low cost energy — here is a list - — and what has brain dead corrupt traitor Biden done? Pull your head out of your a_ _ and look around- and quit being obtuse.

    Wow ‘he’ made all that happen the four years before Covid? I am an idiot.

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