Conrad Hilton: No Jail for Assaulting Crew, Smoking Pot in Lavatory on London-LA Flight

Just a few months ago young Conrad Hilton went berserk on a London – Los Angeles flight threatening to fight and ‘own’ the ‘peasants’ on the plane.

He actually threw punches at the British Airways flight crew. And despite warnings and smoke detectors in the lavatory, he went in there and smoked pot during the flight.

Like Leona Helmsley who famously said “We don’t pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes” that worked well for her for many, many years… until it didn’t. One can only hope that Conrad Hilton ultimately receives his comeuppance.


But that day is not today: 750 hours of community service and substance abuse treatment.

(HT: gaijin62 on Milepoint)

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  1. The punk will only laugh it off. He’ll find some sweetheart community service program that will credit him for his celebrity or some nonsense. Just watch.

    And why is the shithead travelling commercial anyway? Daddy’s trust fund not enough? Or is he smoking it away too fast?

    And we if the kid was Black or Brown there’d have been a much different outcome…

  2. 750 hours is 100 days at 7.5 hrs a day, so not insignificant. Different rules for the rich though.

  3. Hey Paul, quit separating all of us by race. This punks family has wealth and influence and is part of the privileged class. For example, do you really think there would be a different outcome if this was Will Smith’s or Eric Holders kid?

    This slap on the wrist has nothing to do with race. It has everything to do with a small group of people (granted they are mostly white) whose wealth & influence puts them above the law. It’s about class, wealth and being in the 1% vs swift justice & civil asset forfeiture for the rest of us plebs.

  4. Hey, what’s the big deal? No point in being rich if you have to be punished for these little transgressions. So sad.

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