Conservative Activist Arrives At Airport, Shocked American Airlines Banned Him For Mask Shenanigans

David Harris, Jr., whose book title describes himself as a black conservative, posted a livestream refusing to wear a mask on American Airlines. With a wink and a nod he suggested that a medical issue with a mask was enough to exempt anyone from the requirement. It was clear he didn’t have a ‘real’ medical need. Indeed he had a photo of himself on Instagram wearing a mask.

At the time of this flight a couple of weeks ago American Airlines did still allow customers to fly without masks if they had a medical reason to do so. That’s no longer permitted. And today he posted a video of himself being turned away from an American Airlines flight from Dallas Fort-Worth to Los Angeles.

Wearing a Trump Pence mask, he narrates being turned away at the airport. In his telling his reservation still showed as active online, but he couldn’t check in. He says he called and was told he’d have to go to the airport – a usual answer an agent might give if they didn’t do any actual investigation.

Harris suggests that American didn’t communicate his travel ban to him. The agent at the airport told him his ticket was ‘voided’. After (he reports) 30 minutes he learns that he was not permitted to travel on American because of a past issue with the airline. He admits that he received a phone call that medical exemptions would no longer be permitted.

He is wearing a mask now because medical exemptions are no longer permitted which suggests his problem with masks wasn’t especially grave to start with.

If it’s true that American didn’t tell him he was banned that’s unfortunate and a real fail because it means they set up a potential future conflict at the airport with their employees, and set up a passenger who might not be wearing a mask to come to the airport. However he acknowledges receiving a call from the airline about the end of the medical mask exemption, which is itself far above and beyond usual procedure.

It’s clear that the airline saw his prior video, saw that he was faking a medical issue, and banned him – something that usually takes multiple violations. If he hadn’t posted bragging on social media about circumventing mask rules and delaying a flight, he’d like have been able to take his flight.

Two months ago American banned another conservative activist who videotaped himself refusing to wear a mask.

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  1. So he lied about having a medical condition? SHOCKED that a man who lies for a living would lie to get publicity. It should be a crime to falsely claim medical condition that increases risks to those around you.

  2. Lying erodes trust. This is particularly grave in areas where trust is at the core of social interactions (such as marriage, medical care, etc).

    ‘Making a point’ (whether one agrees or disagrees with) is FAR less important than eroding trust. This is especially true in areas such as public health.

    Furthermore, service providers have a duty of care towards customers who follow their rules. I am all for it if it means banning customers who don’t.

  3. @ Gary — Does BoardingArea control what ads display? Not real happy to see Trump ads on here. Makes me want to not read BoardingArea.

  4. @Gene – I haven’t seen that one myself, next time you see it send me a screen shot? I don’t think we need political ads here.

  5. Good. If you can’t do something as simple as wearing a mask, I don’t want you to be on my flight… who knows what kind of stupid self-righteous argument you’ll want to engage with the flight attendants during a real emergency in the air…
    @gene personally love seeing political ads for people and things I don’t like, I always click on them to give the site money and cost the people and things I don’t like money

  6. I double what Tony says.

    Exactly what a smart ass deserves.

    I would not have given him a warning- He deserves to be inconvenienced for putting people at risk.

  7. @ gene

    But I’m sure a Biden add would be OK for you.

    Let’s just say no political adds at all.

  8. AA made the right call. Who knows how many people he could’ve infected while not wearing a mask on past flights.

  9. You deserve it. No mask and made a big fit last time on AA. Now favelc the consequences. I support AA on this one.

  10. AA now announce on each flight that if you refuse to wear a mask you may not be able to fly AA in the future. Guess they mean it. Well done, them!

  11. It’s long overdue that these trouble-makers should be rounded-up and put in detention for the duration. They are a genuine threat to public health.

  12. Please don’t feed the trolls. “Conservative activist” is modern slang for childish attention whore.

  13. Love it! Jerks need to be treated like the jerks they are. This has nothing to do with Race. It has to do with stupidity! I back AA all the way!

  14. Regardless of color or political affiliation he should be banned for a combination of arrogance and stupidity………..this is exactly what our country does not need in this moment of war and crisis…………let him walk to LA!

  15. Oh, but if that was a liberal white person, YOU PEOPLE would have been outraged! But because this blCk conservative is a Trump supporter, YOU PEOPLE want to crucify him!

  16. Really, race and politics were brought up in a simple discussion. Typical Left bull. If I complained about a Biden add, I would be called a racist.

    Regarding the mask…a rule is just that, a rule. Noone is exempt!

  17. I flew on the same flight out of San Francisco this man was. He created a major scene with the gate agents working that flight, he refused wear a mask stating he had a medical condition and it was clear he didn’t have one and and was making a video onboard saying that he was exercising his right to breath and that people was more mad about his MAGA had than the fact that he wasn’t wearing a mask.The captain talked to each individual passenger on the plane asking if they were comfortable with this man not wearing a mask and if not to deplane and be accommodated on another flight at American’s expanse because of this jerk. This was just a few days before the 29th of July when the rules changed for medical exemptions. He is now banned, Well done American Airlines.

  18. Eventually Trump will hear about this and direct the federal government to lean on the airlines which will result in covidiots getting their way and air travel becoming more dangerous for the people that actually have essential travel.I’m totally ok with this bum being banned. Who the hell knows what else he would lie about. He probably would still try to avoid a plane knowing he had covid if he got infected.

  19. He got what he deserved. He has on a mask that he arrived in. He’s a jerk period. I am black it not racial its stupidity.

  20. Its funny because he thinks he isnt black and for some reason can get away with shit like this. Play stupid games when stupid prizes.

  21. These days the internet is rife with attention seekers because it’s just too easy to get their 15 minutes of fame. They make unfounded statements or outrageous things just to get views. This guy is no different. But at least AA has determined his shenanigans won’t be at AA and their employees/customers expense.

  22. Good for AA! These Morons deserve what they get! And why is it ALWAYS “Conservative” Idiots pulling these stunts? Because their “Glorious Leader” is a nut job encouraging this behavior!

  23. Good for AA! Time to tell these people that masks save lives and will get us back to a state of normal. Since AZ started with Masks our numbers have tumbled and now I can visit my parents in their senior community in PA.

    So next time you selfish people think your right, think about elderly people, alone, dying and scared and then put your mask on for them.

    Thank you Thank you Thank you AA. . btw. . .your flying me to see Mom and Dad!

  24. very good for AA, this person got what he deserves! drive if you dont wNt to wesre a mask,Im tired of all this ignorant selfish people.

  25. @William Y this has nothing to do with race, it’s people like you that divide the country. This is about saving lives and doing the right thing. Flight attendants have to endure hours in a metal tube with people like this (and worse), so kudos to AA. I hope more airlines follow suit!
    Way to go AA!!

  26. Good for AA for sticking to their policy and following through on a ban. I hope it’s a lifetime ban for this reckless jerk.

    I choose JetBlue, Delta and Southwes these days for essential travel because of seat blocking.

    But I’d consider American again if they continue to follow through on banning people who carelessly put others at risk.

  27. Finally! It has become social unacceptable to allow your willful ignorance to affect others! Conservatives have used their ignorance & gullibility as a weapon for far too long, and are starting to see the consequences of such disregard.
    As if bragging about their destruction of the planet, endangered species, education, minorities, etc., wasn’t enough, now they expect pity when trying to endanger their other conservative morons! Incredible

  28. Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are… liar..liar…just look at who he supports.. learning from the best.

  29. My favorite part of these comments was a Trumper (can’t call them conservative these days) who brought up race and political leaning as the only reason people don’t like an anti science shit talker, but then the next comment was a different Trumpy saying that it’s no wonder race came up because of leftists. It’s that smarmy hypocrisy they hold with such glee.

    The one thing Trump has done for me is found some respect for people on the right who actually have ideals and stuck to their own internal truth. I don’t agree with them, but I can respect someone who realizes Trump is just a personality cult (around a hideous personality) and doesn’t share any conservative ideals, except as an expedient political means. I wish the adults could argue, again. I’ve never seen such ill informed people spout off so often.

  30. Theodor Brown, only one racist here… YOU. take your BS somewhere else.
    as for the “activist” you reap what you sow.. act the fool, get banned. It’s about time the airlines quit allowing instigators to get away with their lies.

  31. I would not feel comfortable sitting beside someone Not wearing a mask. I am in favour of mask wearing. Get over yourself NON WEARING MASKS people. It is not all about you!

  32. Are these people really conservatives/republicans or are they just paid by republicans so they can claim to have the support of some minorities? I mostly think it is the latter. I can’t imagine being a minority and supporting any of Trump’s policies.

  33. Seems like everyone he is leftist
    will not fly if required wear mask
    Will not stay hotel if required wear mask
    David Harris is great American

  34. Remember when some stores had signs that read “No shoes No shirt No service.”
    Airlines should maybe display those on websites and in terminals, with the added “No masks.”
    The airline industry needs to flourish again, for everyone’s sake. Plus, some people look better with masks.

  35. @ Gene Digital ads are served via an ad server that determines what ads to show you. A site like this is probably using a programmatic system, so they have no idea what individual ads are shown to whom. Thus, the Trump campaign determines that you are someone they want to reach, while I get ads for hotels in mexico, as I was searching this yesterday.

  36. While I agree with AA decision in this case they should have notified the passenger ahead of time so as to avoid the confrontation at the airport. And to all of you nut case libertards commenting here , this has nothing to do with Trump. If it was a liberal activist you would all be up in arms criticizing AA. There are plenty of conservatives such as myself who are obeying the rules wearing masks and not causing a scene. Leave your political BS for posting on another site!

  37. I’m happy to see some replies that favor American for following through with what they said would happen with those who would not comply with the known policies. I saw what David posted on Facebook and as an employee of American was distraught at the vile comments from many who just want to see the demise of American Airlines. To wish that on a company that employs thousands of people who work for this company is just evil. So thank you to those who support industries who may not always get it right,just like we all don’t,but nevertheless offer services that are needed and are always seeking to improve and offer an excellent product! THANK YOU!!!

  38. @Cmorgan – if it was Senator Elizabeth Warren flying without a mask, being a total ahole, causing a ruckus, etc. and were subsequently banned…good on AA! I would have said she would have gotten what she deserved (as much as I admire her work and policies).

    It’s only the Trumptards who try and “both sides” it.

  39. I think this form of political statement should be reprimanded even more. It isn’t simply a small delay as many times a plane returning to the gate may have to wait for ramp crew working another aircraft, gate agents to connect the jet bridge, and addition fuel. It impacts everyone’s flight itinerary potentially ruining others plans. So for this, any deliberate act to delay a flight, should be fined and the passenger’s name added to a list shared by all airlines to be banned for life. I think if the choice is between increasing followers on Twitter and never flying again, or wear a mask, we won’t see as many of these instances.

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