Couple Decides To Get Married Inflight After Several Itinerary Delays

Proposals are popular – almost de rigueur – on airplanes. And weddings are popular in Las Vegas, But when this couple had several Southwest Airlines flights delayed on their way to get married in Las Vegas, they decided not to wait – and got married inflight on their Dallas Love Field – Phoenix segment.

The couple had struggled to reach Las Vegas and they couldn’t wait. There was a minister on the flight. All of the passengers on board lit up their flight attendant call buttons. And here comes the bride played on.

After the loving couple said I do in memorable fashion, they danced down the aisle to the spinning tracks of DJ FA, a Southwest flight attendant obliging them on tunes to mark their nuptuals.

It was lucky she hadn’t checked her wedding dress!

The happy couple even checked in on twitter to thank a passenger for social sharing the moment. Hint for the newlyweds, though, they shouldn’t be spending this time on twitter.

Southwest very much brands itself the LUV airline. Based at Dallas’ Love Field, its ticket symbol is LUV and there’s a heart at the front of every cabin. The airline’s original ticketing machines were called Quickies, and when they used to serve peanuts those were known as Luv Bites.

During the pandemic one couple that met on a Southwest Airlines flight had a themed wedding. The man sitting between them on that fateful flight was a pastor, who wound up officiating.

Last year a pilot actually got married on a Southwest flight to Vegas just like the passengers did on Monday. All of the wedding guests booked tickets for the flight.

Unfortunately not everyone’s nuptials travels worked out quite so well on Monday.

None of these passengers will ever forget their wedding day, but it’s not a day you usually forget. The American Airlines passengers will probably want to forget the day they tried to renew their vows.

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