Crazy Plane Lady Grift Has Dropped: From Onboard Chaos To Major Marketing Sensation

The “Crazy Plane Lady” who became a worldwide sensation back in July is trying to extend her fifteen minutes with a new grift.

On July 2, an American Airlines passenger declared that a man seated by her was “not real” and warned everyone that if they stayed on board the flight they would die.

@celebritynetwork Tiffany Gomas full airplane meltdown revealed in New video. #tiffanygomas #airplane #meltdown #fyp ♬ original sound – Celebrity Network Worldwide🌐

The next month she built a social media following for herself off the incident with online apology. She’s kept stringing us along by not sharing what exactly wasn’t real, and why she wanted off that plane so badly.

The woman is a marketing executive and she’s playing this perfectly to maximize the grift. She’s even flown again wearing the same outfit and teased a tell-all interview.

Now she’s dropped her first grift.

Probably no one has turned a single viral moment into wealth better than the ‘cash me ousside, how bou da?’ woman seven years ago. She says she turned that moment into $50 million. How far can Tiffany Gomas take it?

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  1. Gary, this woman’s lawyers called you on a federal holiday, and you edited your original post to remove identifying information. Now you are writing about her again? Great way to have this become View From the Once Upon a Wing.

  2. She can do one of 2 things. Preferably both. 1)tell us what she was on
    2) show us her tits

    Outside of thise 2 items no one cares about her

  3. Wow, what a sign of the times! Is it really any different from some of Trumps scams that has mainstreamed this kind of thing?
    People sending him money for all kinds of thing…EFT’s, his airplane, his election lie….the list is huge.
    He’s just as shameless in sticking his hand out through social media to grab anything he can.

  4. @JOJO, so right! But her jubblies are pretty much known from her snug top…just need details at this point.
    (Kinda shocked Klint hasn’t already posted his own recap thread. He’s warm for her form!)
    Not an impressive grift, for a high-powered marketing exec. Kinda meh.
    And like HVC and Joanie pointed out, this is really not a story or a person I need breathless follow-ups. Shark jumped! NEXT!

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