Cuban Spies Infiltrated the Miami Airport

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • Cuban spies infiltrated the Miami airport

  • International basic economy trick.

  • Traveling to Cuba under the still-allowed “Support for the Cuban People” category

    Support for the Cuban People was and still will be used by independent travelers and custom small groups, all of whom must follow specific guidelines for their itinerary. …So while travelers in this category can’t spend too much time at the beach, they can arrange to have much more rewarding experiences and interactions with locals—such as touring Havana with renowned photographers and having a one-on-one discussion with the city’s lead architect.

    Downtown Havana

  • UberCopter between New York JFK and Manhattan launches July 9 and in the initial test is only available to Uber customers with their two top elite levels Platinum and Diamond. My favorite benefit of Platinum status, by the way, is price protection on a single route — for me, between home and the Austin airport. Late night flight arrivals often incur significant surges so I’ve been pocketing some good savings.

  • Somehow I didn’t realize (or remember) that Delta eliminated pajamas in business class last year, but the airline confirms it.

    “Delta constantly listens to feedback to understand which products and services matter most to customers. As a result, Delta One loungewear is no longer available in the four markets where it was previously offered.”

  • Delta’s CEO is excited about reducing competition in London, Rome, Paris, and Amsterdam

  • People are complaining that asylum seekers are being permitted to fly without showing ID to pass through security

  • Alaska Airlines says this baggage handler won’t work their flights again:

  • Any new Wendover Productions video is worth watching.

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  1. “Cuban Spies Infiltrated the Miami Airport” (according to rich Cuban exiles who hate Cuba now, and produced a poorly faked document to back up their story?). Sounds more like an even-more-poorly-scripted “Red Dawn” wet dream to me.

    What’s next Gary? The UN Black Helicopters are coming to take away your copy of Atlas Shrugged?


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